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    Los Angeles Lakers Star LeBron James Utilizes His Voice To Empower

    While many may agree that athletes are given a platform that many don’t have access to. However, not all athletes utilize their platforms for positive. In fact, some don’t use them at all. Los Angeles Lakers star SF LeBron James has utilized his platform to elevate and empower as many people as possible. In 2018, James opened the “I Promise School (IPS)”  for at-risk children which is completely funded by James’s foundation. Recently, three men were arrested in relation to the deadly assault on 17-year-old Ethan Liming just outside James’ school. Liming was a rising high school senior, he died June 2nd following an altercation that took place in the parking lot of the I Promise school, reported Julianne McShane for NBC  .

    Many categorized this incident as an act of “senseless violence” and something that could have been avoided. The altercation began because Liming and his friend were shooting people with water guns from a car. Later, he was found unconscious on the scene and announced dead, reported Akron police Chief Stephen Myeltt.

    “We thank the members of the community for their outpouring of support. They helped investigators throughout this investigation,” Mylett said in a statement about the arrests. “We will keep pursuing any leads that will help us bring those responsible for Ethan’s death to justice.

    The Power of LeBron James’ Voice

    In the past, James has been very vocal on political issues, as well as, the game of basketball. Primarily, he uses his platform to discourage violence and empower the youth. Recently, he’s been prioritizing the safety of schools across the country. While James is not the only athlete who attempts to utilize his voice to empower, he’s the most prominent in sports.

    “Our condolences go out to the family who lost a loved one. May the heavens above watch over you during this tragic time!”

    “Pray for our community!”

    On his television series, The Shop, he often has special guests come up there and discuss things they may be going through personally or sometimes asks them to speak on life experiences. However, the show tends to be very informative and empowering to people of all backgrounds.

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