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    Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James Paid $1 Billion to Stay Quiet

    Former NBA player Royce White absolutely blasts Los Angeles Lakers star and future Hall of Famer LeBron James. White delivered very controversial remarks about James regarding Nike’s allegiance dealings off the court. Specifically, he alleges that LeBron James was paid $1 billion from China in exchange for his silence about the indentured servants and imprisoned Uyghurs in China, according to Lakers Daily.

    During a podcast, White begins to explain in depth how things are being manipulated around the world. He speaks on religion and coverups around the world with some of our favorite superstars. He didn’t hold back on either, especially, while speaking on James’ involvement in bamboozling Americans. One should be warned that during White’s rant, he expressed some sharp opinions and homophobic comments regarding the LGBTQ community.

    “LeBron James got a billion dollars from Nike, the anti-human, neo-liberal, Marxist, globalist establishment, and also the LGBTQ community’s church,” White claimed. “He got this money to stay silent about the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time – two million people in China’s concentration camps just for being Muslim.”

    “Now he (James) won’t speak on that. Why? Number one, it’s an economic injustice that he’s done to take that payoff to shut his mouth because really. He should have asked Nike for $40 billion. He should have got at least $500 million a year, if not a billion dollars a year because Nike makes $40 billion of revenue a year and he represents at least 1/40th of their commercial value and influence.”

    Is LeBron James’ Morality in Tact?

    Sadly, the Uyghurs are primarily Muslims who’ve been wrongly imprisoned and put into camps. China has described these camps as “re-education camps”, however, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Many believe the Chinese are committing genocide with their treatment of the Uyghurs.

    What happens if LeBron James was paid $1 billion in hush money? Additionally, Nike has been under attack for years for their disregard for human rights and for allowing young children to work in factories to make their sneakers. However, White’s claims offered no evidence, just accusations.

    White’s stint in the NBA wasn’t long due to his mental health condition. However, this has shined some spotlight on him and it’s yet to be proven if these claims are true or not.

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