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    Lonr’s “HI LONR” Teaches Us To Love Ourselves

    Lonr Drops New Single HI LONR

    Love songs often tell the story of a past or present relationship. Though, in some cases, they can even help us realize our self worth. Grammy-winning R&B artist Elijah Dias aka Lonr often writes tracks of the romantic variety. Whether it’s about a past lover or loving ourselves, his velvety smooth vocals make us listen.

    Furthermore, he’s known for possessing a likeness to croon-rap artists like Post Malone, often blending R&B, hip-hop and rock styles in one seamless, harmony. His 2019 debut tracks “A.M” and “Safe Zone” helped him reach his breakout moment. Additionally, the tracks and his songwriting skills led him to work with R&B greats like H.E.R. Lonr has even released three EP’s, including his critically-acclaimed, debut 2020 album Land of Nothing Real. Clearly, Lonr’s melodic notes have made him a standout act in the R&B sector.

    Moreover, the Los Angeles native recently released the music video for his new love track “HI LONR.” Originally, the song was featured off the artist’s album “Land of Nothing Real 2” from last year. Similar to the track, the music video and visuals carry the same message of self-love and acceptance.

    Lonr Owns Being A Loner

    A good artist knows what’s hot right now, but a great artist understands the importance of true self-expression. From a young age, Lonr knew that he was different. In an interview with Bleu Magazine, Lonr revealed that as a child, he was very introverted. His mother had to push him to sing in front of a crowd just to break him out of his shell.

    While Lonr stated that he’s still very much “a loner” he owns his uniqueness.

    “There’s a lot of good connotations with being a loner. I just want to put that out into the world,” he stated during the interview.

    At the time, he’d been referring to his debut album Land of Nothing Real. The record explores themes of embracing our flaws, differences, and uniqueness. Overall, Lonr teaches others to accept themselves.

    Love & Accept Ourselves

    Though, the same can be said of Lonr’s newest track “HI LONR” off his second album. Romantic in nature, the song tells of a love without being too forward. And as the song progresses, the listener gathers the sense that the genre-hopping artist isn’t talking about a past love at all. Rather, he’s discussing the practice of staying true to ourselves. More importantly, “HI LONR” promotes confidence and self-love.

    Furthermore, the music video features the “A.M” singer walking casually through Brooklyn, NY, with a smile on his face. The scenery and visuals offer a sort of easy, breezy vibe, even when Lonr starts to growl in his vocals. Together, his voice and the New York backdrop cater to the romantic nature of the song. Not to mention, there’s a certain cinematic quality to the video that can be attributed to Lonr’s love of movie scores. Clearly, Lonr knows how to make a great music video.

    Check out Lonr’s “HI LONR” via Epic Records right now.

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