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    “Long Live A$AP, A$AP Rocky Sex Tape Leaked”


    A$AP Rocky Sex Tape Leaked-1Rapper “A$AP Rocky”makes the news again, but this time for something else. The internet is undefeated! This is a phrase that millions of people say every day; when they roast a person, joke about memes, or just anything hilarious on the internet. Now, A$AP Rocky can be added to that roast list. There has been a “sex tape” leaked of Rocky allegedly have sex with an unknown female, and let’s just say that the internet was not pleased.

    “Just saw Asap Rocky’s sex tape and it was super duper wack. Don’t even waste your time looking for it. His stroke is weak.”                                                                                                                     

         “Asap Rocky is a PRIME example of how some of you n****s call yourselves sex addicts. hoot and holler all about your sex game. meanwhile, you serving up mediocre peen. Tuh.”

    Those were some of the mean things that people had to say about the rappers ” sex-game”. The video shows the rapper performing the back-shot position on the female while smacking her gigantic…butt for a couple of minutes. Nothing special. A$AP Rocky has yet to comment about the sex tape and as of right now the video has been removed for viewing pleasure. However, if it’s on the internet it’s out forever. Earlier in the year, A$AP Rocky made claims of being a sex addict. The world seems to disagree with him on many levels.

    Remember what happened to Niko and Meme. Maybe Rocky will get a deal from this sex tape leaked. When more info comes out about the leaked tape, Make sure to come back to Hypefresh to hear what we have to say about it.

    If you saw the video. Make sure to comment below and gives us your thoughts on it and how you feel about it. Also, mention your favorite sex tape leak, if you have one.

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