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    London Songstress AJIA Debuts Soulful New Single “FLAVOURS”

    London singer-songwriter Ajia follows her prodigious Debut single “Real Love” with “Flavours”. Flavours is a song brimming with joyous,soulfulness and innocent quality that confidently bounces along.With tastemaker support already coming from Amazing Radio,BBC Introducing,MI-Soul, Westside Radio and a host of major Bloggers. 21 year old Ajia is being tipped in many quarters for a great 2018. Alongside the likes of Jorja Smith,Ray Blk and Mahalia. Ajia is perfectly placed to fly the UK R&B sound globally.  We were able to chat with the rising star about the underlying message, her creative process and what to expect from her forthcoming EP VISIONS. 

    Q: Since our most recent conversation, how have you evolved as an artist?

    A: As an artist, I have been working on my voice and style and feel like I have further defined my style. I am still learning and studying my voice, but now feel as if I have found a style that represents me and been able to produce music that does the same. I am proud to have a body of work that represents me as an artist.

    Q: FLAVOURS has such a nostalgic sonic aesthetic. What was the inspiration behind the track?

    A: The inspiration behind the track flavours is about my upbringing and where I grew up. The different flavours represent North, East, South, West and the different tastes such as sweet and sour, is the interpretation of how those areas may be perceived by the general public. It’s about reminiscing the old days. Some areas have a worse reputation than others, for example; people from different areas will perceive others to be worse than their own. It’s all about celebrating London and the culture the different flavours and tastes that you get from London.

    Q: Can you explain what was going through your mind when you first heard the production?

    A: I loved the groove, the melodies and rhythm. I connected with it straight away because I felt that the instrumental represents me. The vibe got me moving immediately and I instantly knew what lyrics I wanted to implement. The beat itself made it so much easier to write.

    Q:FLAVOURS emit the same emotional undertones of your text single “Real Love.” How would you describe your sound?

    A:Due to the fact that my style is influenced by an old school hip-hop era, I would describe my sound to partake in that vibe but also bring in a new twist or modernise twist of soul.

    Q: As we patiently wait for the release of your new EP Visions, what are you enjoying the most about the creative process?

    A:I am loving the writing process being able to express myself through music. Also, at that stage, I am able to find out what I like and don’t in terms of style. I enjoy having control over everything, not only the writing process but also the production. With this, I am able to continue to learn about my voice, my style and adapt which can only mean evolving as an artist and person.

    Q: Anything else you can share about the near future?!

    A:Well at the moment, I need to focus on writing and just wait and see what the future holds. I am really looking forward to 2 Feb for the release of my single. Whilst in the studio recording I am also writing new music, but there will be time for me to do some live performances which I am eagerly waiting for, just thinking ahead gets me excited.

    Be sure to support AJIA’s joyous offering “FLAVOURS” on Soundcloud and Spotify as we patiently await for the rising star’s forthcoming project VISIONS. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for more AJIA in 2018!  

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