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    Lola Brooke’s “On My Mind” Isn’t Our Typical Love Songs

    Loads of great talent have come out of New York, especially female rappers. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are both from New York City and have achieved immense success as female rap superstars worldwide. Now joining the list, comes Bronx raptress Lola Brooke who has all the makings of the next biggest female rap star. With a boisterous personality, a versatile style and the lyrical prowess of a young Lil Kim, it’s no wonder she’s on the fast track toward fame.

    Since she was a teen, Lola Brooke knew she had a passion for lyrical poetry. It allowed her to navigate the challenges of being a teenager. Even to this day, rap music has given Brooke the freedom and confidence she needs to express herself, a common theme played throughout her music.

    Soon her talent caught the attention of producer Reefa Slater, who immediately signed her to his  Team 80  imprint in 2016. Eventually, Brooke garnished millions of streams internationally on Spotify alone . Additionally, her music started receiving major press from publications. Even several of her idols took notice, such as Foxy Brown and Snoop Dogg. Currently, Brooke has several music videos in BET’s Jam rotation and has done countless interviews on radio stations. The Bronx raptress has made quite a name for herself in the streets and even across the world.

    Recently, the Team 80 signee dropped her newest love-track “On My Mind” which shows a softer side to the usually hard-hitting raptress.

    Lola Brooke’s Love Song “On My Mind” Hits Different

    There’s no doubt that Brooklyn raptress Lola Brooke has proven time and time again that she’s “that one” to watch for. While New York has always birthed raw and untapped talent, Brooke brings something new to the table. Echoing the lyrical power of female contemporaries before her like Foxy Brown and Lil Kim, Brooke’s heavy-hitting lyrics and Bronx accent make her one of a kind.

    Even in her new track “On My Mind,” Brooke manages to make the song her own. As mentioned before, the track finds Brooke revealing a softer side, where she admits her feelings for a new love interest. Furthermore, Brooke raps that he’s on her mind all the time, and yearns for his closeness. The verse “Your Heart Became My Neighbor” speaks pure poetry into the love song.

    While the track offers sweet sentiments such as this, Brooke does occasionally slip into more possessive verses. At many points throughout the song, she refers to her lover as “mine” even before they start dating. The line “Since the first day I saw you, I knew you were mine,” turns the tables on the usual love story. Most rap songs feature the male artist taking on the masculine trope of fighting for a female lover’s affections. Though, Lola Brooke takes on the role of vying for another’s love, exhibiting an interesting combination of female femininity and power play. She’s basically acting as the dominant partner in the relationship, which her male lover appears refreshingly ok with. Brooke Lola’s “On My Mind” puts a spin on the usual love story trope. 

    What’s Next For Lola Brooke?

    Lola Brooke
    via YouTube

    It’s no secret that Lola Brookes has the juice. The Bronx raptress makes music that both resonates with listeners and weaves in gritty storytelling with notes of poetry. “On My Mind” is a prime example of that, showcasing Brooke’s skills as a rapper and artist in her own right. So far, her single has gone on to become a big hit in the rap scene.

    In addition to the record’s success, Brooke has more surprises in store for fans. This year, Brooke plans on releasing her forthcoming project very soon. No word yet on when it’ll drop but it’ll be coming soon. On top of everything else, Brooke will give her debut performance at Rolling Loud NYC’s during the fall.

    Be sure to stay up-to-date on all the latest with rising rapstar Lola Brooke.



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