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    Lizzo Wants To Date More Than One Guy

    Some celebrities love dating new and interesting people. Lizzo certainly made that clear after admitting that she’s not really looking for a relationship. Rather, she wants to date more than one guy. The female rapper recently got asked out by the Houston-based emcee Bfb Da Packman during an Instagram livestream. The upcoming emcee has been fighting for Lizzo’s attention for the longest time. Things seemed to fall into place for the hopeless romantic when the “Juice” star agreed to out on a date with him. Though, Lizzo later said she’s looking to date several men. Guess the “Truth Hurts” as Lizzo says.

    Bfb Da Packman Pursues Lizzo

    one guy
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    By Lizzo being a Grammy-winning artist, she gets tons of offers to go out on dates from fans and entertainers alike. Though, Lizzo has standards and she’s not going to date just any guy. Most guys would’ve given up their pursuit of the rapper after being told ‘no’, but not fellow emcee Bfb Da Packman. Rather, the Houston-based emcee has immense respect and love for Lizzo. So much so that he’s even gone to great lengths to get her attention. The Houston rapper even learned how to play the flute just to impress her. Additionally, he sent her a flower arrangement that cost him around $300. The guy clearly has it bad for Lizzo.

    Lizzo Dates More Than One Guy

    one guy
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    Clearly, Bfb Da Packman is more than willing to go the extra mile to get Lizzo’s attention. He’s put in the effort to impress her. He even learned how to play an instrument for her, which is honestly romantic. Bfb Da Packman finally seemed to get his wish when Lizzo agreed to go out on a date with him. Though, prior to that Livestream, Lizzo did say she planned to date multiple men. On Valentines Day, when Bfb Da Packman sent the star her $300 flower arrangements, Lizzo also said “If he wants to be one of my man, he can be.” Clearly, she’s not just willing to date one guy, but several men.

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