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    Lizzo Plans To Make An Explosive Return To Music With “Rumors”

    There’s nothing better than an artist making a huge comeback. After 2 years, Lizzo will finally release new music. To give fans a taste of her new content, she plans to drop her single “Rumors” on August 13th. The singer and rapper has already released a stellar photo teaser of the music video. Similar to The Weekend, Lizzo’s ready to ring in an era for her music. Fans can hardly wait for her explosive return with her new single.

                Lizzo’s “Rumors” Photo Teaser Slays

    via CBS News

    Three-time Grammy Award-winning artist Lizzo slays all day, every day. The 33-year-old can sing, rap, dance and even play the flute whilst performing on stage. Not to mention, she can deliver some serious fashionable looks. Most recently, the star just teased a stellar photo of herself from the set of her upcoming music video “Rumors.”

    Lizzo took to Instagram on August 2, sharing a glammed-out photo of herself in a beaded bodice, gold jewels, bleached eyebrows and long, bejeweled nails. The star striked a pose of herself putting a talon to her mouth, all while looking to the camera. Moreover, Lizzo captioned the photo with “NEW ERA B***CH. ‘RUMORS.’ 8/13.” It seems like the star won’t just be making a return to music, but she’s also making a statement. Fans can only wonder what it all means.

                              Lizzo’s Winning Streak

    via Global News

    It’s pretty obvious that Lizzo has a serious winning streak in the music industry. The rapper and singer has won 3 Grammys and gone platinum several times. Additionally, her earlier singles “Truth Hurts” and “Good As Hell” have peaked at the top spot on the Billboard Charts. With the release of her next single “Rumors”, we’re sure the song will become an instant hit as well.

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