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    Jaywile is an artist and producer from Texas. His smooth blend of soul, R&B and hip-hop allow Jay to experiment with different styles of production and songwriting.

    His newest release “Help Myself” will leave you singing the hook long after you’re done listening to it. With a sound similar to a mixture of the best parts of Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean, and The Weeknd – you get the smoothest melodies/harmonies, thought-provoking lyrics that paint a vivid picture, and a flavorful vibe that leaves you bobbing your head throughout.

    This is the first release from Jay in 2018 – you can check out his last EP Blue Patio on all major streaming platforms – you also can catch some of those tracks on the last few episodes of Soulection Radio on Apple Music.

    Make sure to follow Jaywile on social media:

    Twitter: jaywile_
    Facebook: jaywilemusic
    Instagram: jaywile_

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