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    Lil Yachty Reveals What He Told Drake After the Kendrick Beef

    The Kendrick-Drake Beef: A Safe Space for Nuance with Lil Yachty

    Not even old rap beefs are safe for Lil Yachty. The rapper recently discussed the age-old epic battle between Kendrick Lamar and Drake on his podcast, A Safe Space, and provided a welcome departure from the usual “winner” or “loser” story.

    Yachty claims “it felt like Kendrick had already won” prior to the opening bell. “It was like everybody was rooting for him,” the rapper argues. Yachty, on the other hand, was not ready to roll over. “At the end of the day, Drake’s still at the top. This won’t change that.

    Yachty thinks that the battle didn’t imply definite guidelines to it. “This was the most regulated beef ever, the thing had no rules,” he reflected. He didn’t support any of them because he knew that both rappers were focused on their goal deliberately. Yachty does not let It to the surface and continues killing them with the critiques by analyzing the lyrics. Kenny started to throw deadly accusations no matter if they were true or not, Yachty identified the “Not Like Us” as a moment when Kenny raised his aggression.

    Aside from all the lyrical warfare, Yachty seemed mildly disappointed. He wished conflict had stayed personal, saying he did not want listeners to “choose” between him and Cole. Yachty felt for Drake, as he is a person that is consistently in the spotlight: “At the end of the day he’s still that n—a on top. It’s, like, people just don’t like Drake bro. They haven’t for a while. But he’s still winning!”.

    And Yachty’s proper name being thrown into the mix by Kendrick wasn’t a pleasure ride, for sure. Nonetheless, despite the rousing hysteria it caused, Yachty insisted – “ Believe me, Drake didn’t catch his first L. He ain’t going nowhere anytime soon. I promise ”.

    Thus, Lil Yachty’s appearance in his podcast was refreshing in light of recent goings-on. He balanced the situation, emphasizing the complexity of the matter and forced the viewer not to blindly honor any rapper’s name, instead of looking at the totality of their work. This Safe Space was thus created, and a more in-depth analysis of the matter was done.

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