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    Lil Wayne & Migos Famous Jeweler Shows Off Their Newest Jewels

    The age-old saying states that “diamonds are a girl’s closest companion.” Nowadays, that has rapidly changed with the growing presence of male rappers sporting diamonds and gold chains. Since the 90’s, rap stars have loved to show off their bling, whether that’s a diamond watch or a set of studded-grills.

    Furthermore, famous HipHop jeweler Elliot Eliantte has sold diamond pieces to some of today’s biggest rap stars. The jeweler has worked with everyone from Lil Wayne and most recently Lil Uzi Vert. Now the jeweler is showing off some of the latest pieces he’s completed for his very wealthy clients.

                      Lil Wayne’s New Iced-Out Jewelry

    via Rap Basement

    Recently, Lil Wayne consulted the jeweler for a new piece of jewelry. The rapper has single-handedly become one of the biggest rap CEO’s ever. In celebration of endless success, Lil Wayne asked Elliot Eliantte for a Young Money diamond pendant. Furthermore, Eliantte showed off the huge ‘M’ shaped, diamond pendent in an Instagram video. “Young Mula Baby! @liltunechi Voice,” the jeweler wrote on Instagram on Thursday July 30. Looking at the video Eliante posted, that’s a huge rock.

                Jeweler Shows Off Migos Diamond Necklace

    via TechCrunch

    In addition to showcasing Lil Wayne’s new bling, Eliantte also took the liberty of showing off the Migos diamond necklace. On July 31, the HipHop jeweler posted a photo on Instagram of Migos Offset’s most recent and elaborate piece. The necklace features the likeness of himself, as well as his other bandmates, Quavo and Takeoff. Their faces are encased in gold and diamonds. Obviously here for the hype, Offset took to the comments to praise Eliantte’s work. “Should’ve went to Elliot because I DID.” Clearly, Elliot Eliantte has lived up to quite the reputation in the world of HipHop.


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