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    Lil Wayne’s Former Manager Wins Counter Lawsuit For $20 Million

    Lil Wayne’s manager won big

    The $20 million counter-suit filed against Lil Wayne’s former manager and lawyer Robert Sweeney was rejected. The diamond record holder accused Sweeney of overcharging deals and failing to perform his managerial responsibilities.

    The counter-suit featured four claims made against Lil Wayne’s former manager Sweeney, all of which were denied. Wayne has been taking quite a few L’s lately having been recently sued by his former chef and his former assistant.

    Lil Wayne also claimed in his counter lawsuit that Sweeney took unequal payouts during legal disputes with labels Young Money and Universal Records. Tunechi claimed Sweeney failed to concentrate on his role as a manager, but unfortunately the court didn’t feel the same way.

    Young Money’s Lil Wayne can dominate the charts but not the courtroom

    Following the decision, Sweeney’s lawyer came forward and said that he had preferred his client over the New Orleans native. Rumors claim that Sweeney represented Wayne, formally known as Dwayne Carter III from 2005 until 2018.

    Was Sweeney wrong for his actions? Did Lil Wayne have the right to fire his chef for tending to her personal life? Did Lollipop deserve to be a diamond record?


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