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    Lil Wayne Defends Rudy Gobert in Shocking NBA Beef

    Weezy F Baby Goes to Bat for the Stifle Tower: Lil Wayne Shakes Up NBA Playoffs with Bold Takes

    Every NBA playoffs season would not pass without fiery takes or glaring discussions but in 2021, the ultimate contender suddenly emerges determined to fight his way right into the ring – hip hop icon Lil Wayne. Through previous social media posts, Weezy F Baby tweeted his field of opinions and sparked an outrage by ridiculing and making fun of the newly crowned league MVP Nikola Jokic and arguing for Utah Jazz top player Rudy Gobert.

    Starting things off with his usual brand of audacity and affection for the game, Lil Wayne delivered some subtle jabs to Jokic’s playstyle. Noting that it is “not old-school even a little bit”, the rapper concluded his train of thought by jokingly insulting the Joker’s appearance, presumably referring to his thinly built athletic body. This comment quickly sparked polarized reactions: some found the humor in the delivery and the lightheartedness of the diss, while others felt the need to quickly defend Jokic’s unwarranted playing attitude.

    While this description did raise many eyebrows among NBA thought leaders, it was Lil Wayne’s passionate defense of Gobert that surprised everybody in the Twitterverse. Indeed, as the Jazz center, Rudy Gobert, is known more for his defense rather than plays above the rim, he, more than anyone, is the player the basketball community uses as a scapegoat. Despite this common narrative, Lil Wayne bizarrely equated Basketball with the life-saving operation. In his video that went viral on social media, he passionately said, “Rudy Gobert gets so much disrespect, man. All he does is give his all out there”. Weezy continued; “I’ve seen Drake outdrink Jokic many times without even trying, something about fatherhood changes you… It’ll change him”. The strange camaraderie between the rappers that are known for competitive mentality in basketball confirmed the sentiment that Drake truly matured as an individual.

    However, it was not enough for Lil Wayne to have a video. The rapper also published an Instagram post after the Timberwolves-Nuggets playoff game. In this post, he repeated his opinion about Gobert and Jokic and pointed out that Gobert had recently become a father, thus playing basketball could also have an excuse. Such unequivocal support for a player who often falls under criticism was responded by fans. One part of the followers of the rapper supported Lil Wayne, noting that Gobert’s play is truly hard, and it is handled not by everyone. Other fans defended Jokic and stated that the attacking style also has the right to exist. Thus, the post sparked a debate between fans.

    Lil Wayne’s interpersonal wasnt the best message transcended the Gobert Jokic stomping debate. Aside from the Gobert Jokic debate, he was also able to give his perspectives on the competition’s perspectives. Lil Wayne was further able to offer his comments on the overall performance of other players such as Mitchell who were monitored to provide an alternative way of understanding intern personal during the competition.

    Flames engulf the TV sets with NBA playoff games brewing to a climax, and Lil Wayne’s commentary provides a stark example of the fiery opinions that drive the sports field. In an unexpected turn of events, he has made the distinction between music and basketball blurry. Fans feverishly check their social media accounts to see what he will say next. One thing is certain: whether you like it or not, Lil Wayne has proven that he is a genuine basketball fan. His voice rings loud and clear in this regard. He is more than a hip-hop legend.

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