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    Lil Pump Is Pissed That He Didn’t Receive Any Love From Tokyo

    Living the life of a mega rap star means having cameras and fans follow you everywhere. While most celebrities try to avoid the paparazzi and crowds, others crave the attention. Recently, SoundCloud rapper Lil Pump visited Tokyo and expected fans to line up to meet him. Unfortunately, the rapper was sorely disappointed when he realized no one recognized him. Making matters worse, social media had plenty to say about rapper’s crushed ego.

    No One Recognized Lil Pump In Tokyo



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    Being a huge celebrity affords a person a certain way of life. For one, we’re recognized just about everywhere we go. However, Lil Pump’s “stardom” hasn’t exactly reached fans overseas.

    Recently, a video of the “I Love It” rapper standing amongst a crowd of people wearing masks, went viral. Furthermore, the rapper looks around, expecting someone from the swarm of people to recognize him. Unfortunately, no one did and the rapper walked off in a huff. Perhaps he targeted the wrong “audience” as they say in the art world.

    Fortunately, Lil Pump did find some fans that immediately knew him. Furthermore, Lil Pump later posted one photo of a person who bared the tattoo “Esskeeetit” referencing one his songs. In the end, the emcee eventually found his tribe.

    Social Media Roasted The Rapper To No End

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    Unfortunately, internet trolls made a show of the fact that Lil Pump didn’t receive the recognition deserved at first. Leave it to social media to focus on the negative. Many of the haters noted that Lil Pump basically isn’t well-known and that his music isn’t any good.

    Clearly, his music must’ve been good enough to reach the no. 3 spot on the Billboard Hot 200 charts for his hit debut album Lil Pump. Let’s not forget that fans have his lyrics tattooed on their bodies. Clearly, the guy has some skin in the game. Lil Pump will hopefully receive love from Tokyo.

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