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    Lil Nas X trolls everyone about Nike Court Date

    Lil Nas X trolls everyone about Nike Court Date

    Lil Nas X Trolls fans over Nike Court Date. The rapper fake cries on tik tok but social media stunt was to promote his new single, “Industry Baby.” Screencap via Lil Nas X Tik Tok

    Lil Nas X trolls everyone using his real lawsuit with Nike over satan shoes to promote his song, “Industy Baby.” The rapper had everyone believing his lie and he played it up before his video release. Remember, LIl Nas X did the same thing with a fake apology on Youtube, promoting Montero (Call Me By Your Name).

    Satan Shoes Debacle

    Lil Nas X 's Satan Sneakers | Twitter
    Lil Nas X ‘s Satan Sneakers | Twitter

    Superstar, Lil Nas X and MSCHF collaborated on the Satan shoes which featured a pentagram and a drop of human blood which stirred a frenzy of controversy for Nike. Fans of the Sneaker brand missed that these were unauthorized customization and were criticizing Nike for the alleged collaboration and threatened to remove support for the brand. Thus, Nike had to take action against the artist and company. Now, Lil Nas X trolls everyone with a fake update to this lawsuit.

    Lil Nas X; Satan Sneakers | Twitter
    Lil Nas X; Satan Sneakers | Twitter

    Lil Nas X: Social Media Genius

    In fact, the real lawsuit ended in a settlement between the two. But, that hasn’t stopped the Old Town Road singer from taking advantage and using his life and sexuality as fodder for his creativity in music and videos. The 22-year-old mega star knows how to work the social media to promote himself. Using Tik Tok to tease a fake court date, Lil Nas X trolls everyone yet again.

    In fact, Circulating the hashtags #FREELILNASX and #NikevLilNasX, the 22- year old is playing on the fact that most people won’t read and will believe it’s real thus making the hashtags trend. It’s a genius move. Honestly, he could teach classes on how to build and grow your brand. Lil Nas X trolls everyone yet is strategic about how he does it to make sure he has press and eyes on his new projects. 

    Satirical Video for “Industry Baby”

    Industry Baby
    via Pride

    He released a trailer for his new video and single, “Industry Baby,” in which he acts out the trial for Satan shoes and plays all the roles himself including judge, prosecutor, and defense. The video provides 2 minutes chocked full of an entertaining slew of satirical bits.

    “Industry Baby” Music Production

    Industry Baby
    via Reddit

    The track was produced by rapper, producer, and mogul, Kanye West and Lil Nas X’s longtime collaborator Take A Day Trip. Jack Harlow also drops a verse on the song as well as featured on the video for the rappers on screen hijinks. The song, “Industry Baby” track and music video dropped July 23. So, go give it a listen.

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