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    Lil Nas X Enlists Rihanna & Bad Bunny For The “MONTERO” Remix

    It pays to be on top of our game. Lil Nas X certainly has put in serious work with his latest two hits “Holiday” and “MONTERO.” The guy knows how to promote his work and does it to a tea. Despite the success of his “Holiday” single, “MONTERO” has become the number one song taking over the music charts. Clearly taking advantage of the song’s success, Lil Nas X wants to pump out a few more Spotify streams. Furthermore, the rapper enlists international stars Rihanna & Bad Bunny for possible “MONTERO” remix.

                         Lil Nas X Has Been On A Role

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    Since the start of the new year, Lil Nas X has taken over the music charts. The star’s track “Holiday” dominated the tail-end of the Christmas season this year. Additionally, Lil Nas X has released another hit single “MONTERO.” Despite all the positive reviews the song received, it’s also been one of the top leading controversial topics.

    In fact, several religious groups have condemned Lil Nas X and the music video. Not everyone appreciated the Biblical themes. The rapper’s Satan Shoes certainly ruffled some feathers with fans as well. Adding insult to injury, Nike suffered a lawsuit for selling the rapper’s Satan Shoes. Despite all the fuss about the shoes, however, a few of Lil Nas X’s famous friends purchased them anyway. It seems like either way, the rapper can’t lose. With another round of remixes for “MONTERO” the star will laugh his all the way to the bank. If enlists other artists to hop on the track, he’ll be unstoppable.

      Lil Nas X Enlists A-List Musicians For A Possible Remix

    via Capital FM

    With 2021 being the ultimate year of song remixes and collabs, it makes sense that Lil Nas X choose to ride off the success of “MONTERO.” The rapper revealed during an interview with Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp that he wished to do a remix of his hit single with Rihanna and Bad Bunny.

    Rihanna personally sent Lil Nas X a congratulatory video on his latest hit single. Clearly a fan of the rapper’s new song, it makes sense Lil Nas X enlists the beauty mogul. Even more importantly, fans are more than ready for Rihanna to bless their ears with new music.

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