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    Lil Nas X Announced He’s Going On His First Tour

    Being in the public eye for young stars can be hard to withstand. Though, Lil Nas X has come out the other side dancing his way into the hearts of people everywhere. After his initial success with the hit single “Old Town Road”, Lil Nas X went on to become a household name.

    He’s won a slew of awards, made out-of-this-world music videos and given even bigger live performances. Not to mention, he’s a proud black gay man, and we could use more of those in the industry. Given his untapped power and stardom, it seems unusual that he hasn’t toured yet. Well, the wait is over. Recently, Lil Nas X announced that he’s going on tour for the first time. And fans can here hits from the Lil Nas X Montero tracklist live.

    The Long Live Montero Tour

    On Tuesday, Lil Nas X took to Instagram to tell fans that he’ll be going on his first ever tour this year. Furthermore, X’s “Long-Live Montero Tour” will start in the states first, his first stop being Detroit on September 6. Other states across the United States include Chicago, Miami and the star’s hometown, Atlanta.

    Afterwards, Lil Nas X will travel overseas to Europe and make stops in countries like Spain and the Netherlands. At just 23-years old, Lil Nas X has accomplished more than most millennials.

    When Do Tickets Go On Sale?

    first tour
    via Rolling Stone

    At this point, Lil Nas X might as well take on the title of an “international sensation.” He’s even bigger than most elite stars in the music industry right now. Not to mention, he’s one heck of a performer.

    Fans can expect to purchase their tickets for the “Long-Live Montero Tour” as soon as this week. Even more good news, pre-sale tickets will be sold exclusively through Cash app. Now Cash app holders can purchase their tickets through Ticketmaster on April 27 at 10 am. Additionally, the general public will have the opportunity to buy tickets April 29. Folk better get their tickets because the “Long-Live Montero Tour” will sell out fast.

    What songs from the Lil Nas X Montero tracklist are you favorites?

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