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    Lil Murda, How His P-Valley Role Reflects Rapper Struggles, Lifestyle

    P-Valley is a hot narrative on Starz that follows the lives of exotic dancers in the Mississippi Delta. Seriously, y’all have to tap in. The show also readily addresses politics, real estate and of course, homosexual activity. The LBGTQ community are proud to have another show where living gay is a celebration, not a death sentence. Uncle Clifford, one of the show’s main characters is a transgender woman who is dating a local rapper. For the longest, the two would keep their affair under wraps; however, in a recent episode, J. Alphonse Nicholson Lil’ Murda decides to step out of the closest, holding Uncle Clifford’s hand. Lil Murda revealed that the rumors are true, kissing and slow dancing with Cliff at Cliff’s grandmothers, “getting over COVID” party. Although this is just a show, some folks in real life aren’t taking the gay vibes too well. Reason being, Lil Murda’ is a “straight” rapper who loves a trans. This is a cardinal taboo, especially in small town places like The Delta.

    Lil Murda vs. Real Life Rappers

    How does Lil Murda’s role reflect real life rapper struggles? According to TV Guide, Lil Murda’s hypermasculine role is officially compromised due to an explicit sex scene with Uncle Clifford. This scene unpacks so much drama and trauma in the male African American community that it is crazy! So called straight men, even some celebrities are commenting on the nature of the Uncle Clifford’s and Murda’s relationship. Creator Katori Hall makes it a point to address homophobia and the realistic truth of how a lot of men living. Rappers who may be in the closet could draw inspiration from the show; whereas, we would never know. “Rappers” are supposed to be hard, right? No funny stuff. Unfortunately, we exist in the real world, where real love isn’t always heterosexual.

    An interview with The Game back in 2011 said it all, according to NME. He stated that several rappers are in the closet. He added that closeted rappers are the only gays he has a problem with, which is all problematic. Rappers like Lil Nas X, came out of the closet, and are living in their truth. This is something that should be more common and accepted as we all need love. Lil Murda’s role embodies empowerment. What y’all think?

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