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    Lil Meech is rumored to play King Von in an upcoming movie

    Big Shoes to Fill? Lil Meech Eyed for King Von Biopic

    Another name might be added in the list of hip-hop biopic film, and the fans are already excited. Rumors are being made that Lil Meech might be the next big thing. As he attracted the audience with his appearance in “BMF”, the newcomer is supposedly considered for the role of King Von, the late Chicago rap artist.

    Nothing has confirmed from an official source, and it is just a controversy topic. But Lil Meech, son of the one and only Big Meech, is already a serious figure emerging in the performances. King Von, on the other hand, was one of the top polarized MC from Chicago who passed away in 2020.

    The prospect of Lil Meech stepping into King Von’s shoes has generated raves and condemnation alike. On one hand, some of King Von’s fans are delighted. They argue that given a similar background and experience, Lil Meech is well-positioned to mimic King Von more convincingly. Indeed, when he was cast to represent his own father in “BMF,” a TV series, Lil Meech delivered a flawless performance similar to his father’s persona. King Von’s fans argue that he can mimic the star more naturally.

    Nevertheless, the timing of a King Von biopic is still a concern for some. Many think it hasn’t been long enough since his death to consider portraying his life adequately. They say he should remain best memorialized through his music and impact on Chicago drill rap.

    Then, a touching moment between Lil Meech and King Von’s sister on a grocery shopping trip has rumors flying. The viral video of them shopping together shows Von’s sister helping Meech shop.

    In any case, one must remember that these are only rumors so far, even if they are very interesting and willing to be true. End on a hopeful note as well – the possible news of a biopic has in fact piqued the interest of the entertainment world, and, in case it comes to life, both Lil Meech’s fans and King Von’s followers will be sure to watch it.

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