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    Lil Kim Tells 50 Cent To Take A Hike

    Some celebrities use their money to do good in the world. Unfortunately, other celebrities use their riches and status to troll people on the internet. Rap mogul 50 Cent hasn’t used his money for the greater good. In fact, he’s wasting it on social media shenanigans and talking down to everyone in the entertainment business. During 50 Cent’s latest stunt, he tried come after Lil Kim’s daughter, but she wasn’t having it. Rather, Lil Kim told the “Power” Executive Producer to take a hike.

       50 Cent Tries To Talk Crap About Lil Kim’s Daughter

    via Yahoo

    By being one of the richest rappers in the industry, it would make sense for 50 Cent to start investing his money and energy better. Unfortunately, the “Candy Shop” emcee doesn’t have anything better to do than start feuds with people for no reason. Recently, Lil Kim teased her collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion and her track “Plan B.”

    Furthermore, 50 Cent has since mistaken her bars as a direct hit at Nicki Minaj and her newborn son. As payback, the rap mogul decided to take a jab at Lil Kim and her daughter in an Instagram post. “Make sure you expose her. I’m keeping an eye on her. She made a disrespectful comment about the baby, her child is not in a good condition,” commented the Power star. Unfortunately, 50 Cent took things a step too far after posting side by side photos of Lil Kim and an owl. The guy just doesn’t know when to quit.

                The Queen Wants The Rap Mogul To Take A Hike

    via XXL Magazine

    Though, Lil Kim wasn’t about take any mess from the rap mogul. The rap Queen clapped back by basically telling 50 Cent to take a hike. Furthermore, she proceeded to clear up the air surrounding the tease for her collab with Megan Thee Stallion. The female legend stated that the lyrics are in fact not about Nicki Minaj at all. Instead, her and Stallion have joined forces to talk about their exes. Clearly, 50 Cent was way off. Not to mention, he needs to find a new hobby.

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