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    Lil Kim Clap Back At 50 Cent For Owl Joke

    Lil Kim Takes Jab at 50 Cent

    Lil Kim became the target of 50 Cent’s joke. He is undoubtedly the king of trolling. He compared her to a white owl because of her 2021 BET Awards look. Lil Kim immediately laughed it off.

    “The accuracy, LOL,” she said with laughing emojis. “I’m not bothered at all. My family and friends are more upset than me. Stuff like this doesn’t affect me in any way because I’m still a confident and attractive woman who men desire and women admire. I embrace it!”

    “@50cent, I see you’re still salty about that dinner date you asked me on and I declined. Move on, you have a gorgeous girlfriend, and I have a loving husband. Let it go. And to those attacking my husband, Mr. Papers, he acted like a real man. He did what a husband should do. All of you can go to hell. No respect.”

    50 Cent Responds 

    50 Cent headed to Instagram on Wednesday (June 30) to post the Lil Kim meme with the caption, “who did this shit. This ain’t right. LOL catch FOR LIFE on IMDb Tv now !”

    Lil Kim’s partner Mr. Papers saw the post and wasn’t impressed with the joke. “Leave my wife out the jokes you heard,” he wrote in the comments.

    Still Kim Rises Above 

    Lil Kim will be publishing her book, The Queen Bee, on November 2nd. The book will unveil the untold tales of her influential reign: her intricate relationships, her battle against sexism in the music industry, the unjust beauty expectations she encountered, and the impactful act of loyalty that resulted in her incarceration.

    In a statement, she expressed her excitement to share her story after all this time. Many people believe they know Lil Kim’s story, but they are completely unaware.

    Kudos for Lil Kim for using a joke as an opportunity to uplift herself and announce good news. 

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