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    Lil Durk’s Only The Family Label Loyal Bros


    Founded by Lil Durk, a Chicago-born superstar, Only The Family has become a respected rap collective of talented newcomers. They’re announcing their upcoming compilation album, “Loyal Bros,” which blends hard-hitting street anthems with emotional rap ballads, exploring brotherhood forged through hardship. Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, Durk and OTF overcame violence, finding strength and pride in their unbreakable bond. The album cover pays tribute to fallen members, including King Von and OTF Nunu (Nuski).


    The upcoming project includes new music from Lil Durk, who reached true rap stardom in 2020. It features posthumous verses from King Von and the OTF crew like Booka600, Memo600, Timo, DoodieLo, among others. With a mix of street anthems and emotional rap ballads, the project showcases OTF’s strong reputation and sets the stage for their expansion beyond Chicago. Loyal Bros also includes an impressive lineup of guest stars, from newcomers to respected veterans and superstars. It’s the follow-up to 2019’s “Family Over Everything” and releases on February 26th via Only The Family/EMPIRE.


    OTF announces the album and shares a new video by rising artist Timo. Known for hits like “30” and “Free Boss Luck,” Timo is a South Side sensation with millions of YouTube views. His latest single, “Rules,” is a drill anthem that offers fifteen guidelines for street living over eerie beats. The video, directed by Crownsoheavy, shows Timo teaching wannabe hustlers and re-enacting street situations.

    Loyal Bros follows Lil Durk’s successful The Voice (Deluxe) album, which reached #2 on the Billboard 200. It’s shaping up to be a great year for Only The Family. More announcements coming soon.


    OTF Background

    Founded by Lil Durk, Only The Family is a highly respected rap label with an impressive lineup of talent. Based in Chicago, the label is known for nurturing some of the city’s finest artists, including Booka600, Memo600, and the late King Von. Their style reflects Durk’s mix of raw lyricism and emotional songwriting. OTF has released three label compilation mixtapes, including “Only The Family Involved” in 2018 and “Family Over Everything” in 2019. After a year of both success and tragedy in 2020, they are ready to make a statement with their upcoming compilation tape, “Loyal Bros,” set to release in February 2021.

    Timo Background

    Pitchfork calls Timo “one of the best rappers in the local scene.” He’s a rising star in the Chicago drill scene, known for releasing videos on YouTube regularly to satisfy his eager fans. Timo gained recognition in his city back in 2018 with hits like “On Gang” and “Don’t Get Smoked.”

    When he’s not releasing his music, he puts his spin on songs like Lil Baby’s “We Paid.” The young rapper signed to OTF in Spring 2020 and celebrated with his single “OTF.” Kudos to OTF!


    Timo – “Ruins”:

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