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    Lil Durk Responds To Conert Shooting Claims

    What Happened at Lil Durk’s Smurkchella

    Allegedly, shooting occurred at Lil Durk’s Smurkchella at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. 

    As a result of increased fears, the concert endless early. According to organizers of Smurkchella, a microphone dropped on the ground, which caused a loud noise. The company also argues that reports of a woman being grazed by a bullet are false. In fact, no one required paramedic attention amid the chaos.

    Phoenix Police address claims of injury and confirm that any injury did not result from gunfire. Some people were hurt while trying to escape the chaos, but their injuries were not life-threatening.

    The Alleged Victim Speaks Out

    Tahjee Gray, from Newark, New Jersey, attended the concert with her friend. Unfortunately, she hurt her leg when the show abruptly ended. In an interview with The Shade Room, she expressed her disappointment with the venue. They had chosen to attend the show in Phoenix, thinking it would be safer than one in Miami.

    “I’m not angry at Durk,” she said. “I’m upset with the venue for endangering thousands of people.”

    Lil Durk Brushes Off Attempts to Diminish His Moment

    The rapper still basks in the glory of his success despite his association with shootings in the past. “They make up rumors when you lit last night I got paid 250k check the pics,” he wrote.

    In addition to a news clip regarding the apparent shooting at the event, Durk added: “stop trying to stop the voice and make up bad rumors,” Durk wrote on a screenshot of an article about the incident.

    A Good Turnout Despite The Chaos

    Durk’s Smurkchella was held on Saturday, April 17. The rapper capitalized on the return of live music by tapping acts like Coi Leray and Pooh Shiesty to join him on stage. According to the venue’s promoter, the show sold out. While 3,700 tickets were sold, between 5,000 and 7,000 fans were in attendance. Smurkchella is the biggest music festival in 2021 thus far. 

    As the world opens back up and returns to normalcy, more festivals will take place.

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