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    Lil Durk and J. Cole Join Forces in Upcoming Video Shoot for New Release

    J Cole & Lil Durk Join Forces in Upcoming Video Shoot

    The wait is over y’all J. Cole Lil Durk Music Video are coming out with a little something for our entertainment.

    Earlier this month, Atlanta rapper Lil Durk revealed he was working on a new project with rapper J. Cole during the Dreamville Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina.

    The unexpected collab will be released this spring. But to validate this project, Durk released a few pics from the video shoot.


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    This music video is all a part of a marketing campaign for his upcoming album release, “The Voice 2.0”, which is a continuum to last year’s “7220

    In a recent interview with XXL, Durk discussed working with J. Cole on the song ‘All My Life’. He makes it clear that the song stays true to the title as it elaborates on his growth as an artist and a person.  He also points out that you wanted only two people on this song, J. Cole or Ye. But as we all know, Ye has got a lot going on right now so collaborating would probably be last on his list.

    But it seems like J. Cole would be a better fit anyway because many rap fans are hyped about the collab. I mean, any song with J. Cole on the track is a hit.

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