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    Instagram Deactivated Lil Boosie’s Account For Slapping A Fan

    Given everything that 2020 has put the nation through, we’d think the worst would be over. Unfortunately, Covid-19 still runs rampant in 2021 and racial tensions are higher than ever. Looks like the new year won’t be any different from 2020. Rapper Lil Boosie certainly doesn’t see a difference. The emcee went on a rampage after Instagram deactivated his account for the second time. In fact, he called Mark Zuckerberg a “racist” for deactivating his Instagram account.

             Lil Boosie Paid A Fan $554 For A Smack-Down

    via TMZ

    Anyone who’s a fan of Lil Boosie knows his Instagram page very well. The Dream Chaser star posts some outrageous videos and photos on his social media pages. In his latest social media stunt, the 38-year-old made a sort of call-to-attention for his new music video “Period.”
    Furthermore, the rapper did an Instagram Live where he asked participants if they’d like to volunteer for a smack-down for $554 in his new music video. “I wanna come on that bitch, playing with me, I’m just going to bat him. BOP! But it got to be real though,” the rapper said in the video. Additionally, Lil Boosie mentioned in the captions that he’d have to slap one lucky participate “three times for good camera angles.” Unfortunately, a fan volunteered to face a huge smack-down from the Baton Rouge star. Given this type of content, it’s no wonder Instagram keeps deactivating Lil Boosie’s account.

            Instagram Deactivated Lil Boosie’s Account Again

    via XXL Mag

    Some celebrities really are oblivious to the power they hold over social media. After the video footage of Lil Boosie slapping his volunteer clear across the face went viral, Instagram deactivated his account again.

    First, the “Trust Nobody” rapper begged Mark Zuckerberg to give him back his account. He explained that he needed social media “to financially support his family.” Given the number of children the 38-year-old has, he clearly needs the extra cash. However, his pleas fell on deaf ears.

    The rapper then attempted to start a new Instagram account. However, halfway through his livestream, Instagram deactivated his account again. At that point, Lil Boosie lost his cool. The Baton Rogue took to Twitter to call Mark Zuckerberg a “racist.” Now he plans to sue the social media giant for discrimination. If Lil Boosie reflected on his post, he’d understand why Instagram deactivated his account. At least, we’d hope.

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