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    Bay Area’s Lil Blood Makes His Presence Known On ‘Book of Dawa’

    We have always known the Bay Area for creating some of the best party songs. So many legends came from the Bay, that had the rest of the world fascinated and even copying elements of their style. I’m talking about artists who are Grammy-nominated like Too Short and E-40. The general public overlooked their contributions to the game. The problem with Bay Area artists is they usually don’t get their credit until they are later in their careers .

    Well-Known in the Bay

    Lil Blood is one of the ones who’s been popping his shit in Oakland for a while, and it’s time for the rest of the states to tune in. His success didn’t happen overnight, it was a process. To be exact, it was about a ten-year process, filled with many long nights. He first saw success in 2012, when he dropped his breakout track “ Free Boski ” featuring Lil Goofy, and hasn’t slowed down since that day.

    All of his hard work has led up to his newest release, The Book of Dawa, his most mature project to date. Dawa in Swahili translates to medicine, which is very appropriate to describe this album. In the same way that medicine can alleviate your pain, this album can provide healing to its listeners.

    He trades in his catchy hooks for some introspective bars this time around, showing how much has grown over the years. The 14-track album showcases why he is so respected in the Oakland scene. Once you finish listening, you have no choice but to respect his tumultuous journey because most people couldn’t walk a mile in his shoes.

    Found his Purpose

    From start to finish, I was amazed by how mature and well-thought-out his lyrics were. He makes a consistent effort in his rhymes, to let younger listeners know that it’s okay to live righteously. When he’s not making music, he hosts his own podcast named Lil Blood TV . Like the down-to-earth person he is, he centers his show around giving younger artists and creatives from the Bay a platform to show the world their art.

    The Book of Dawa is a must-listen if you appreciate artists who write from the soul, and not write about whatever’s trending at the time. Lil Blood wants you to know he is closing a chapter in his life and moving on to the next part of his story.

    Let us know what your favorite song on Book of Dawa.

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