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    Lil Baby Reveals “Errbody” BTS Secrets To Fans

    When it comes shooting a music video, there’s a lot of pressure to surpass fan’s expectations. Rapper Lil Baby’s music video “Errbody”, however, blew fans away. The clip left many fans impressed by the swoon-worthy visuals. Though, the rising emcee didn’t stop at just a song and video release. Lil Baby also let fans in on all the BTS secrets for “Errbody” and they’re just as action-packed as the music video.

                             Lil Baby’s Hustler Mentality

    via Pitchfork

    While some stars become an instant success, others have to work a little harder to reach stardom. Much like Lil Baby’s Rockstar Energy Superbowl commercial suggested yesterday, fame didn’t come by easy for the rapper. Instead, he had to work for it. Lil Baby obviously has a good work ethic, but we’d argue that his fame has little to do with hard work alone. According to, the Atlanta-based rapper came into stardom at the onset of the “melodic rap” trend.

    By this time, rap stars like Future, Young Thug, Migos and Lil Yachty dominated the rap music scene. After Lil Baby’s prison release in 2017, he dropped his first mixtape “Perfect Timing.” The record was laced with several melodic verses. Additionally, Lil Baby’s unique “mellifluous, high-pitched flow” offered listeners a different sound they’d never heard before. At that point, doors started opening for the rapper. After several name-drops, hit singles, a protest anthem and two albums, the rapper’s career skyrocketed.

                      Lil Baby’s “Goes Off” On New Track

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    Lil Baby’s success continued to grow in 2020. That year, his third album “My Turn” took the number one spot on the Billboard Charts. With so much success already under his belt, we’d think the rapper would want a break.

    Any fan that knows Lil Baby, though, knows he’s a hustler. He revealed once that he’s constantly working on his craft. The melodic rapper loves hard work that pays off. He especially loves evolving as an artist. Lil Baby certainly surprised fans with the release of his two new tracks on his 26th birthday, specifically “Errbody.” The rapper changes up his rap flow in the new track, which he describes as himself “going non-stop.” The rapper spits verse after verse without loosing a beat. It’s definitely a change up from his usually melodic verses. Though, fans love the new song.

                   The “Errbody” Action-Packed Music Video

    via Billboard

    Not only did fans enjoy Lil Baby’s “Errbody” track, but they loved the music video just as much. Many of the rapper’s followers took note of the impeccable visuals and action-packed stunts. Lil Baby exclusively partnered with Vevo for a behind-the-scenes look at his music video “Errbody.” In a Vevo Footnotes episode, Lil Baby and his directors talk about everything from their favorite scenes to the inspirations behind the video concept.

    The directors Edgar Estevez, Daps, and Christian Breslauer especially took the time detailing the inspirations behind the video. “Edgar came up with the concept’s treatment after P asked for an extraordinary visual. Christian was an obvious choice with his experience in action movie-inspired music videos, adding a cinematic touch. Daps, who had collaborated extensively with Lil Baby, played a crucial role in bringing us all together.” Lil Baby even described all the action scenes as a “real thrill” to shoot.

    Despite all the cool action-packed scenes, the directors encountered several filming challenges. The directors focused mostly on everyone’s safety. Not only did they have make sure the Atlanta residents were safe, but also the stunt drivers and camera operators. Additionally, they had to safely land the plane dead-smack in the middle of Lil Baby’s neighborhood. Given all the action-packed chaos, there’s plenty to oogle at in Lil Baby’s “Errbody” music video.


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