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    Lil Baby, Kirk Franklin Plans To Release Space Jam Song “We Win”

    As LeBron James’ Space Jam: A New Legacy release approaches, the creators have been sharing multiple teasers. First the first looks at the film, then the trailer and now the debut track from off the film’s soundtrack. Recently, news hit that Lil Baby and Kirk Franklin, an unlikely duo, teamed up to bring fans “We Win” this weekend. The single has made its rounds on the internet and has quickly gained traction. After a few listens, the song definitely will make you get up dance.

                An Unlikely Duo Collaborate On The Space Jam Song “We Win”

    We Win
    via Hypebeast

    Audiences love it when artists collaborate on a song. While some team-ups make sense, others come out of left-field. For instance, no one expected trap rapper Lil Baby and Gospel singer Kirk Franklin to collaborate over a song. Even moreso, the fact that they’ve produced a song for the new Space Jam film just blows the mind. Though, turns out the collab hadn’t been a total disaster after all. Rather, the rapper and Gospel singer make a great team.

    Recently, Elliot Wilson took to his social media handles to reveal the cover art for Lil Baby and Kirk Franklin’s song “We Win.” The track comes as the first single released off the film’s soundtrack. So far, the song has garnished approximately 200,000 views. The numbers don’t lie, clearly the collaborative record proved a success.

                              The Space Jam Sequel

    We Win
    via Collider

    Before every big movie blockbuster premiere, the creators like to hype up a film with trailer teases and new music. Ever since LeBron James hopped on the Space Jam: A New Legacy sequel, the film went viral. No one can stop talking about it. They certainly love the first single off the film’s soundtrack, “We Win.” Luckily, the wait for the film’s release won’t be much longer now. Space Jam: A New Legacy has a release date set for July 16, 2021. It’s unclear whether or not the film will be released solely in theaters. However, it’s a possibility it’ll also be released on streaming services like HBO Max. Be sure to check out the film!

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