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    Lil Baby And Jayda Have Rekindled Their Romance

    New celebrity couples make headlines all the time. Even old ones still make the news. Atlanta-based rapper Lil Baby may have just rekindled his romance with ex-girlfriend Jayda Cheaves. Lately, the two attended outings together and even sported matching outfits. Despite their flaky relationship, the couple seemed to have smoothed things over for the time being. We wonder how long Lil Baby and Jayda will last this time.

                The Couple Rekindled Their Relationship

    via Distractify

    Not all relationships work out for the best. Though, some couples just can’t help but revisit an old flame. Recently, Lil Baby and his ex-girlfriend Jayda rekindled their romance. Lately, the rapper and the Instagram model have spent loads of time with each other. Sources confirmed that they recently attended Atlanta Hawks v. The New York Knicks game together. Additionally, they’ve even sported matching Louis Vuttion tops. In a leaked video of the two, Lil Baby wore the matching set, while Jayda sported a crop topped version of the shirt. Additionally, she wore camp print pants and a blue Birkin bag. It seems like the two have gotten awfully cozy with one another.

                Lil Baby And Jayda Cheaves Will Always Be Relationship Goals

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    Everyone knows that Lil Baby and his baby mama Jayda Cheaves have had a tumultuous relationship. Despite their on and off status, the two have remained mutual friends. It makes sense, given the years of history they share.

    Furthermore, the two first sparking dating rumors in 2016 and even bore a son together in 2019. Throughout their relationship, they’ve always remained loyal to each other. The two don’t even share ill feelings between each other and always show plenty of support. No wonder they’ve rekindled their relationship. They love each other too much.


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