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    Leon Jacques Just Wants To Dance In His New Reggae Single “Parts”

    With summer on the way, everyone’s looking for that next great dance song. British rapper and singer Leon Jacques may just be the summer fling listeners are looking for. Having worked with the likes of Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and Culture Club, the artist knows how to get fans on their feet and dancing. On March 29, he dropped his dance track “Parts.” Influenced heavily by R&B and reggae tones, Leon Jacques just wants us to lose ourselves to the rhythm.

    Feel The Rhythm Of The Music

    In 1983, Lionel Richie asked audiences to come out to the dance floor and lose themselves in “All Night Long.” The chart-topping track, featured off his timeless album Can’t Slow Down, did just that. Similarly, Leon Jacques’ track “Parts” asks fans to get lost under the spell of music, reggae beats and slow dancing.

    Even the black and white promotional photo tagged with the son, suggests that the Londoner wants listeners to dance to his track. Furthermore, his suave vocals give way to the sensual feel of the song. His lyrics, where he describes his female partner’s sensual dance moves, make the singer’s intentions more obvious.

    In a way, it’s an x-rated version of Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” but shares similarities with Rihanna’s hit song “Work.” The Caribbean and reggae vibe mixed with rap beats give the song an appeasing series of sounds that work well together. Even as Jacques sings over the beats, everything meshes together in one single harmony.

    Inspiration Behind The Dancehall Track

    When it comes to dancing, the former House Gospel Choir member has mastered the art of bringing audiences to their feet. Basically, he just wants everyone to dance. His new track “Parts” offers an escapism for listeners, with a feel-good beat that’ll be stuck in our heads for hours. Though, Jacques admits that he didn’t create the song just for a good time. Rather he wanted to bring all types of people together.

    During an interview, Leon Jacques revealed that he yearned to craft a song that “celebrates his multicultural background.” Furthermore, the British artist has lived two lives; his formative years in Caribbean in Jamaica and Barbados and the rest out in Europe.

    Much like his upbringing, Jacques wanted to make the song “authentic to his heritage but didn’t feel forced.” All in all, “Parts” acts a Leon Jacques way of exploring his Afro-Caribbean heritage and reggae culture. Perhaps, the track could even help Leon Jacques reconnect with his Caribbean heritage in the future.

    Look out for more music from Leon Jacques and be ready to dance.





    1. This got added to the playlists immediately!!!! i love discovering new music from you guys

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