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    Legacy for NBA Legends LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony Grow

    Surprisingly, 20 years ago, many witnessed two of the most iconic basketball players play against each other in high school, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. On December 12th, many witnessed the generations of their offspring go head to head on national television for the first time in their careers. Many believe they’re on the same course as their fathers, however, whether will they fulfill their legacies at this point in their careers, remains to be the question.

    In 2002, LeBron James led his team, St.Vincent-St.Mary to dominating victory over Oak Hill Academy, Carmelo Anthony’s school. In fact, James’s team won, 65-45, according to ESPN. It appears the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, on December 12th, Bronny James defeated Kiyan Anthony. Bronny James plays for the 25th-ranked team in the country, Sierra Canyon, and defeated Kiyan Anthony who plays for the 22nd-ranked team, Christ the King, 62-51.

    Who’s Bronny James?

    Bronny James is a six-foot-three PG who plays for one of the most elite programs in the country. James recorded 12 points, six rebounds, and three assists. He similarly had a game-sealing dunk on an alley-oop, just like his father did in 2002.

    Meanwhile, his counterpart, Kiyan, recorded just eight points and nailed two big threes throughout the game. Bronny has proven to be so much more than a ball player outside of the game, though. He’s become a famous streamer and Tik Toker over the last few years. Similarly to his father, he appears to be extremely marketable and will have an exciting future as his career progresses.

    Carmelo Anthony’s Future in the NBA

    Both James and Anthony both were present at the game. At halftime, the two NBA legends greeted one another at halfcourt. They extended a long hug and spoke in private for a few a moment and then returned to their initial spots. James is currently with the Los Angeles Lakers, while Anthony is currently a free agent seeking a team.

    Many would believe Anthony to be down and in a bad mental state, however, he’s proven to be just fine. In fact, he enjoys having this much availability to train his son and be more involved with his day-to-day life.

    “I’m cool,” Carmelo said to ESPN reporter Malika Andrews. “I now have the opportunity to watch my son play, train him, be there for his games, and fulfill my role as a father. These are things I haven’t had a chance to do for a long time. I’m content with that. I still have a love for the game, and I continue to work out every day. If the chance to play comes along, great. But it’s not something I’m actively pursuing.”

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