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    Lebron James Plans To Make An Album

    At a certain point in their careers, celebrities start venturing into other businesses. For instance, Rihanna went from a famous musician to one of the richest beauty gurus of all time. Beyonce has even risen from her music icon status and delved into the fashion industry. Though, NBA basketball star Lebron James wants to try his hand at the music industry. By being a huge contributor to the HipHop industry, the basketball icon plans on releasing his first rap album. Many fans have expressed their excitement at Bron’s big reveal. Some even dubbed him as the next DJ Khaled.

                Lebron James Plans To Release First-Ever Album

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    Sometimes our day jobs can get boring and we start exploring other business ventures. Not to say that Lebron James has grown tired of playing pro-ball but he’s definitely keeping his options open. The basketball giant recently announced his plans at coming out with his own album. Given that he’s an advent lover of HipHop music, it seems only right that the star make his first-ever album debut.

    The NBA star made the ground-breaking announcement via Twitter on Wednesday night. Though, don’t expect to hear the basketball player spit any bars. Bron immediately clarified that he’d only be curating the project. “I love music so much, it’s crazy! I’m thinking of doing an album. Not rapping, though. I know my strengths, but I have many friends who can. Just thinking out loud,” Bron tweeted recently. He’ll mostly succeed at the project, given the fact that he’s friends with huge rappers like Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

                        Fans Compare Bron To DJ Khaled

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    Of course, the NBA star couldn’t be more excited about releasing an album. The fans might just have taken the news to whole other level of excitement, though. Right after Bron made his announcement, the fans immediately jumped in the comments to show that they’re all for a Lebron James-inspired album. Moreover, fans have gone as far coining him the next DJ Khaled. One follower tweeted, “The thought of LeBron James doing DJ Khaled style adlibs throughout an entire album is hysterical.” Wonder what kind of philosophical mantras will Bron use on the album? Some fans even suggested that once Bron released his album, he’d leave DJ Khaled out of a job. “Lebron said ‘Look out Dj Khaled, I got passion, too!” wrote one Twitter user. Those sound like fighting words.

    What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to Bron’s upcoming album? Let us know in the comments.

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