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    Leading Songs To Add to Your Playlist EP 5

    Music is integral to our lives, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether we’re feeling happy or sad, excited or stressed, there’s always a song that can help us express and process our emotions. Research has indicated that incorporating music into our lives can have a beneficial effect on our mental health and overall well-being.
    In an age of endless music options, the task of discovering the ideal songs to enrich our playlists can feel daunting and overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created the “Leading Songs To Add to Your Playlist” series to help you discover new music you’ll love.
    In this fifth edition of the series, we’ve curated a list of songs that deserve a spot on your playlist. From upbeat pop anthems to soulful ballads, this collection has something for everyone.
    So sit back, relax, and let the music take you on a journey. These top songs are sure to uplift your spirits and brighten your day.

    Bmbu Drops Latest Single, “Two Minds” FT. SueLily

    Bmbu, the veteran hip-hop, and R&B producer, has just released his latest single, “Two Minds,” featuring the talented SueLily. The track is already a hit, with SueLily’s powerful vocals perfectly complementing Bmbu’s expertly crafted beats.

    The instrumental version, “Back to the Basics,” is taken from Bmbu’s album “hiatUs,” and the drop at 0:23 is not to be missed. With over 25 projects under his belt and a reputation for producing albums for artists worldwide, Bmbu continues to prove why he’s one of the most respected producers in the game.

    John J Vibes’ Latest Single ‘Wanna Vibe’ Brings Groovy Energy to the Dancefloor

    John J Vibes, the rising star in the world of music, has released his latest single, “Wanna Vibe,” and it’s sure to get your body moving. With its upbeat energy and infectious rhythm, “Wanna Vibe” is the perfect addition to any party playlist.

    The funky beat, catchy melody, and smooth vocals create a dancefloor anthem that grooves you all night. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to vibe with John J Vibes.

    DGDLilVonnie Drops an Electrifying Remix of DJ Khaled’s “God did.”

    DGDLilVonnie has done it again with his latest release, a remix of DJ Khaled’s hit single “God Did.” The talented artist brings his unique style and flavor to the track, adding his hard-hitting and melodic verses that elevate the song to a new level.

    DGDLilVonnie’s fans will be thrilled by his artistic versatility. With a loyal fan base and growing popularity, he’s undoubtedly a rising star in the music industry.

    DaveyBeau Unleashes Aggressive New Single “GRAVE”

    DaveyBeau has dropped his latest single, “GRAVE,” marking a new era in the artist’s career. The song departs from his usual style and takes his music more aggressively. “GRAVE” is a testament to DaveyBeau’s artistic versatility and adventurous spirit as he fearlessly explores new sounds and styles.

    The song is a hard-hitting track that showcases his powerful vocals and raw emotions. Fans expect to hear more of this new direction in his upcoming releases.

    Jay Shuler Releases New Single “See It In My Eyes”

    Jay Shuler has released his latest single, “See It In My Eyes.” This soul-stirring ballad beautifully highlights his remarkable vocal range and exceptional songwriting prowess. The track is a beautiful ode to love and the power of human connection. With “See It In My Eyes,” Jay Shuler again proves why he is one of the industry’s most talented and versatile artists.

    Cigs Inside Drops Energizing New Track “High Stepping”

    Cigs Inside has dropped an electrifying new track called “High Stepping.” The song is an upbeat and energizing break-core/breakbeat track that features an incredible animated music video. With its infectious beat and catchy melody, “High Stepping” will surely get listeners up and dancing. The track is a testament to Cigs Inside’s unique sound and artistic vision.

    Maderanged Unveils Intense New Single “it’s always water.”

    Maderanged has released his latest single, “it’s always water,” showcasing his impeccable flow and lyrical prowess. The song is a powerful and intense track exploring self-reflection and personal growth themes. With “it’s always water,” Maderanged shows off his versatility as an artist and willingness to take risks and experiment with new sounds. Fans expect to hear more of his unique style in his upcoming EP.

    Resa Saffa Park Shares Final Single “That’s Just How I Feel” Before EP Release

    Resa Saffa Park released her final single, “That’s Just How I Feel,” before her upcoming EP release. The song is a mesmerizing blend of grunge, R&B, and jazz, showcasing her impressive vocal range and songwriting skills.

    “That’s Just How I Feel,” tells the story of giving in to your internal arguments and the final decision of giving into reckless urges in life. With this new release, Resa Saffa Park again proves why she is one of the industry’s most exciting and talented artists.

    Tayah unveils new single “Hotel Suite 31” from upcoming EP Still Wonders.

    West London-based artist Tayah has released her latest single, “Hotel Suite 31”, the follow-up to her debut, “momentary high.” The track is taken from her forthcoming EP Still Wonders, set to release on April 28. Tayah’s music reflects her experiences and influences, drawing from various genres such as R&B, reggae, and soul.

    Her unique style and lyrical storytelling have earned audiences and industry peers praise. Having graced numerous venues and festivals across the UK, she has also earned airplay on various local radio stations. “Hotel Suite 31” showcases Tayah’s authentic and relatable sound, making her a rising star in the evolving R&B scene.

    Josh Tepper releases the song “Poison Apple,” a powerful anthem for overcoming toxic relationships.

    New York City-based artist Josh Tepper has dropped his latest single, “Poison Apple,” inspired by his experience with a toxic environment. The song is about taking back control, standing up to negativity, and leaving behind destructive relationships. Tepper, a graduate of Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, is renowned for his powerful vocals and emotive lyrics. “Poison Apple” is a powerful anthem for anyone looking to leave behind a toxic relationship and find strength within themselves.

    NICOLAS debuts his first single, “EVERYTIME I GO TO BED,” a song about the beauty and pain of passion

    NICOLAS, a rising artist, has released his first single, “EVERYTIME I GO TO BED.” The track explores the all-consuming passion for someone or something that can be both beautiful and painful. NICOLAS’s music translates these emotions into sound, creating a captivating and relatable listening experience. “EVERYTIME I GO TO BED” is an introspective and personal track that showcases NICOLAS’s raw talent and potential.

    Michael Kangaju releases the new song “mean it!” a genre-bending exploration of heartbreak and deception.

    Michael Kangaju‘s latest single, “mean it!” explores the theme of heartbreak and deception in a hard-hitting, uptempo track. The artist is known for his genre-bending sound, blending heavy emotions with thumping 808s and smooth melodies. “mean it!” is a powerful and engaging track that captures the pain of insincerity and manipulation. Kangaju’s music is a testament to his ability to turn heartbreak into something beautiful and uplifting.

    Agonystevo drops the new single “Lifestyle,” showcasing the unique sound of a Native American artist.

    Native American artist Agonystevo has released his latest single, “Lifestyle.” The artist, who co-founded the “agonyboyz” and founded “agonyplus01”, is based out of North Dakota and is known for his unique sound that blends hip-hop, trap, and electronic music. “Lifestyle” showcases Agonystevo’s versatility and creativity, making him a rising star in the music industry. His music reflects his cultural background and personal experiences, creating a captivating and authentic listening experience.

    Toronto Emcee Lex Leosis drops new girlie funk anthem “DANGEROUS”

    Toronto-based rapper and trailblazer, Lex Leosis, has released a new single, “DANGEROUS,” just in time for spring. This funky girl-power anthem offers a taste of what her fans can anticipate from her upcoming album, scheduled for release this summer. Lex says the track is about women and non-binary folks stepping into their power and being unapologetically confident, loud and dangerous. “I want women and non-binary folk to FEEL themselves when they hear this,” she said. “I wrote this to be a ‘scream-the-lyrics-in-your-face’ type jam.” Listen to “DANGEROUS” now and get ready to feel the power.

    Humble Francis’ debut single “Last Call” channels loss into a fierce beat

    Humble Francis has spent a decade trying to get his new single, “Last Call,” out of his system. The track, which is about the difficult moment of losing his father, is the first release from his upcoming debut full-length album, set to drop later this year. Despite the heavy subject matter, “Last Call” is a fierce anthem of loss, blending emotive lyrics with a powerful beat. “I didn’t know I would be the last person to ever talk to him,” Humble said. “But this song is also the declaration of a new start.” Listen to “Last Call” now and stay tuned for more from this rising artist.

    ILUVMARKAS brings a fresh new sound with latest single “Different About You”

    Hamilton-based artist ILUVMARKAS is shaking things up with his latest single, “Different About You.” By blending unconditional beats with pop melodies, he’s creating a new sub-genre filled with energy and catchy lyrics. Drawing inspiration from artists like Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION, Justin Bieber, SSGKobe and SoFaygo, ILUVMARKAS is quickly generating a strong fan base with his unique sound. Check out “Different About You” now and see why ILUVMARKAS is one to watch.

    Hudi’s “Top Bitch!” drops with fierce confidence

    With a name like “Top Bitch!,” you know Hudi‘s latest single is going to be filled with confidence and attitude. The track, which is available now, is a bold declaration of self-love and empowerment. Hudi, who is based in Toronto, has been making waves with his infectious beats and bold lyrics. Listen to “Top Bitch!” now and get ready to feel like the boss you are.

    angelbaby’s debut single “the otherside” captures a heart-wrenching story

    LA-based artist angelbaby has released his debut single, “the otherside,” and it’s already making waves. The track, which features Grammy award-winning artist Gino The Ghost, is a mid-tempo alt anthem that tells the heartbreaking story of angelbaby losing his ex-girlfriend Clio.

    After falling into a toxic cycle of self-sabotage, angelbaby had a psychedelic experience while traveling where he heard the words “I don’t wanna die in a world if it’s not with you.” He came home and wrote “the otherside” with his friends, and it’s the first release from his upcoming debut album “Clio,” which drops later this year. Listen to “the otherside” now and get ready to be moved.

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