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    LAW Breaks Free In Her “Controller” Music Video

    Breaking free from the demands of an invasive partner, LAW’s “Controller” music video quickly and creatively encapsulates the phases of being controlled or held captive under someone’s wing. 

    It has been a while since we’ve gotten music videos with substance. A music video that speaks is a music video that holds tremendous value. Not to mention Law is sending a relatable message. Whether it was a person, place, or thing, we all have experienced being held captive by a special force. 

    LAW nostalgically and effortlessly travels back in time, with the 2000’s vibe and the antique setting in the house she felt captured in. The antique vibe in the place reminded me of women not having as many rights as men back then. 

    Luckily, LAW knows her roots and her worth. She uses these two components to fight back her feelings of being hostage. In the song, she sings, “mamma didn’t raise no puppet and daddy didn’t raise no timid girl, so I am going to say what’s on my mind.” YOU GO, GIRL! 

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    Also, the gold, pearls, and jewels she wore emphasized her Queenhood and how she is a woman of substance.

    At the beginning of the video, LAW and her guy “controller” are having a dance fight. The dancing demonstrates a form of control, a brilliant way to narrate the story. Law danced, but it looked like the guy was her “puppet master” pulling the strings.

    As the video progresses, LAW puts things in order when she starts creating her own moves. Finally, the breaking free moment shows when she puts her foot on the guy’s chest as he looks up at her, moves his head around, controls his moves, and separates from him.  

    When Law breaks free, he loses power over her and appears to have a breakdown at the end. Well done. 

    When we give someone or something control over our lives, we are no longer steering the boat. We lose trust in ourselves and our voice. To claim our life again, one must recognize the control, be courageously willing to break free, and in Law’s case, dance their way out! 

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