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    Las Vegas Raiders Make History Hiring Sandra Douglas Morgan

    Las Vegas Raiders hiring Sandra Douglas Morgan ingrains their names in the history books forever. As per ESPNs latest report Morgan has achieved a remarkable feat by being selected as the first African American female to hold this prominent designation for an NFL franchise. A distinguished female leader originally from Las Vegas has garnered considerable experience working for the Raiders. Her prominent career includes stints as both chairwoman and executive director of the esteemed Nevada Gaming Control Board. Sandra Douglas Morgan also served as the director of external affairs for AT&T. It appears she’s well equipped for the position, as a position of power or demand is nothing new to Morgan. Naturally, the Raiders appear to be happy with their decision and support her wholeheartedly.

    Mark Davis conveyed his excitement stating, “I am thrilled to have Sandra join our esteemed Raiders family.” Her experience, honesty, and dedication to this community will be priceless to our organization. From the moment I met Sandra. It was quite clear to me that she possessed a formidable presence. We are extremely lucky to have her at the helm.”

    Las Vegas Raiders Throughout History Breaking Barriers

    While many may not know, this is not Morgan’s first time making history. In fact, she was also the first person of color to chair the Gaming Board. However, the Raiders have been following this similar pattern or routine over the past several seasons. In the past, the Raiders hired Tom Flores who was the first Hispanic HC to win a Super Bowl title. Also, former coach Art Shell was the black HC of the NFL’s Super Bowl era.

    She’s honored that she was chosen to make history but she explains that she also hopes she’s not the last. Morgan wishes to set a precedent and open the floodgates for other minorities to gain similar opportunities she has.

    “I definitely never want to be the last,” Morgan said, “and I want to get to a point where there are no more firsts.”

    She continued, she emphasized leadership and being as transparent as possible throughout her press conference at Allegiant Stadium.

    “I’m thrilled to lead the Raiders into a new chapter of growth. There’s still a lot to accomplish, and I eagerly anticipate being at the forefront,” Morgan expressed. “I took on this role because I genuinely believe in the Raiders’ potential, their future, and their unwavering commitment to community, integrity, and excellence.”

    Sandra Douglas Morgan’s Future Goals for the Raiders

    Sandra Douglas Morgan understands the hardship the organization has gone through over the past several months. She plans to not hide from situations that need to be addressed! Morgan hopes to shift the focus of the organization in the right direction. There have been egregious allegations centered around the former employee, Dan Ventrelle. After being fired, he went on a Las Vegas review and reported that he was fired in retaliation for saying their working environment was “hostile”.

    “It’s no secret that our organization has encountered difficulties lately, but I want to make it clear that I’m not here to ignore or overlook any issues or concerns that require attention,” Morgan stated. “I fully understand that we are currently in a crucial and defining period for the NFL.”

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