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    Larry Coleman 2020’s Latest Single “Chardonnay” ft UBI & CES CRU: A Toast to Appreciation

    Larry Coleman 2020’s latest single, “Chardonnay,” featuring UBI & CES CRU, is an ode to the things we give our all to, whether a person, a passion, or a dream. The track’s introspective lyrics remind us of our sacrifices to pursue what we love and the importance of showing appreciation for what we hold dear.

    Coleman’s unique blend of west coast and gritty Detroit sounds, combined with the smooth flows of UBI & CES CRU, make “Chardonnay” a standout track in the underground hip-hop scene. With over 10 million independent streams on Soundcloud, Coleman is quickly becoming a force reckoned with in the industry.

    In a world where it’s easy to get caught up in pursuing success, “Chardonnay” reminds you to slow down and appreciate the things that truly matter. Please give it a listen and raise a glass to the things you hold dear.


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