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    Lana Del Rey Transforms into Hollywood Icons for “Candy Necklace” Music Video

    Lana Del Rey’s New Music Video

    Lana Del Rey, the American singer-songwriter known for her cinematic style and retro aesthetic, has once again captivated fans with her latest music video for “Candy Necklace.” Del Rey transforms into several iconic Hollywood figures. She pays homage to some of film history’s most famous and glamorous women.

    The video, directed by Hector Dockrill, begins with Del Rey portraying Marilyn Monroe, complete with a blonde wig, red lipstick, and a shimmering silver dress. She then transforms into Judy Garland, wearing a glittering black gown and red gloves reminiscent of the ones Garland wore in “Meet Me in St. Louis.” Del Rey also channels the likes of Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, and Louise Brooks, sporting their signature looks and embodying their unique personas.

    Del Rey’s homage to these Hollywood icons is not just a visual treat for fans. It also speaks to the singer’s love for classic Hollywood and the glamour of a bygone era. Del Rey has spoken about her admiration for actresses like Garland and Dietrich, who she describes as “strong, talented women who had a lot of vulnerability.”

    The “Candy Necklace” video is not the first time Del Rey has channeled classic Hollywood in her music. Her previous videos for songs like “Ride” and “Love” have also featured vintage imagery and references to Hollywood icons. Del Rey’s love for the golden age of Hollywood is also evident in her music, which often features cinematic soundscapes and references to classic movies.

    Del Rey’s transformation into these Hollywood icons in the “Candy Necklace” video is a testament to her artistry and her ability to capture the essence of a bygone


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