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    Lambda: Covid-19 Variant Strain, Could spikes reemerge?

    Lambda: Covid-19 Variant Strain, Could spikes reemerge?

    There is a new variant strain of Covid-19 called Lambda (SARS-CoV-2 ). This variant is a super bug version of Covid-19 that may be resistant to some vaccines. So are we back to square one?

    Variant Strain
    New Lambda variant strain. What does it mean? How can we protect ourselves?
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    Things you should know

    According to WHO,

    “Lambda has been linked to high rates of community transmission in various countries, showing an increasing prevalence alongside the rise in Covid-19 cases. Further investigations will be conducted to study this variant.”

    -via CNBC

    A variant strain of Covid-19 was first discovered in Peru in December 2020. Then, on June 14, WHO  labeled the variant, Lamba. Additionally, WHO considred it to be a variant of interest. It spread rampant in Latin America. Accordingly, In Peru, lambda has accounted for 81 percent of  infections. However, now it’s closer to home. Another case has been detected in North America, particularly in Las Vega’s waste water.

    Why Is It a Concern?

    The variant strain of Covid-19 is something to be concerned about because of the “number of mutations” contained within the variant strain. Accoring to the WHO, Lambda variant has the “potential to increase transmissibility or resistance to neutralizing antibodies.” This is where things get tricky. Because the best way we have to fight this spread are vaccines. But, getting infected by the Lambda strain decreases the effectiveness of those antibodies that are present in the vaccine.

    What does this mean? Well, it doesn’t mean that people should not get vaccinated. Like mentioned above that is our best fighting chance.But, It does mean vaccinations are even more important .So, that we don’t lose this best chance.

    Further Studies Are Underway
    Covid-19 spread through new variant strain, Lambda. Further studies are happening now.

    Further Studies Are Underway

    The WHO is currently studying this variant strain. Their hope is to discover as much information as possible to continue to keep the public safe against further infections and prevent more deaths. One vaccine in particular is a presenting concern against Lambda and that is the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Many are considering booster shots from Pfizer or Maderna to protect themselves further. While, WHO still does not know enough to advise further regarding that practice.

    How to Protect Yourself against Lambda, Variant Strain of Covid-19

    Vaccination is still the most effective way to protect against Covid-19 and any variant But, are some vaccinations better than others against the Lambda variant? Afterwards, wearing masks and washing hands will continue to be helpful. Vaxxed individuals  are relishing their newfound protection by discarding masks. However, maybe vaxed individuals should exercise a bit of caution as this variant strain continues to spread. Vaxxed individuals do have a decreased chance to be infected with the variant strain. However,  that is drastically different from unvaxed individuals. For the individuals who are not vaxxed,  getting infected by the variant strain will increase potential problems. At that point, vaccinations may be less effective due to variant mutations.

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