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    Lamar Odom & Karlie Redd are ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Official.

    It’s official: Lamar Odom & Karlie Redd are an item. 

    New relationship: Lamar Odom & Karlie Redd

    Lamar Odom and Karlie Redd are officially together. The two sparked rumors when they were seen together at Yandy Smith’s birthday party from ‘Love and Hip Hop’. Most recently, they were caught at a celebrity boxing match: Peter Gunz and Cisco Rosado, ‘Love & Hip Hop’ alumni. Lamar Odom and Karlie Redd appeared very cozy as they posed on the red carpet and cameras seem to catch them looking very much into each other, laughing and holding hands. Could the NBA star and ‘Love and Hip Hop’ reality star be feeling love?

    The Shade Room: Lamar Odom & Karlie Redd booed up at Love & Hip Hop celebrity boxing match

    Khloe & Lamar

    Khloe & Lamar
    Lamar Odom & Karlie Redd found love after a series of failed relationships. Lamar Odom will be on Love & Hip as Redd’s boyfriend.

    Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian fell in love quickly. Ultimately, they had their televised wedding in 2009, one month after they met. His relationship with Khloe Kardashian, ex-wife and mother to three of his kids was rocky, at times. Then, Khloe filed for divorce in 2013 but put it on hold after Lamar Odom had been found unconscious in the brothel. Odom spoke about him messing up in the relationship. Looking back, “If you know you done did everything wrong, you gotta do a lot right, At that point, I’m gonna give her what she wants.” What Khloe wanted was to split.

    “Kardashian Curse is stupidity” – Lamar Odom

    The theory is that the Kardashian sisters’ romantic partners typically encounter misfortune after dating them. What does Lamar Odom think about this? Regarding the curse, “That’s stupidity because everyone goes through Sh**. You dumb*****. If I had your family on tape and see all the Sh** your family is going through. They share everything. Maybe it’s overexposed. The people who made it [popular] are the people who point the finger.”

    Over Sabrina Parr

    Lamar Odom & Karlie Redd found love after a series of failed relationships. Lamar Odom will be on Love & Hip as Redd’s boyfriend.

    Odom who broke things off with ex, Sabrina Parr aproximately four months ago may be looking for something fun and lighthearted.  Prior, Odom and Parr were set to marry, after getting engaged in November 2019. I guess they caught a break because it seemed the relationship soured very quickly after. However, Lamar really felt like he was taken advantage of and used by Parr.

    The Laker’s baller said that he broke up with Parr because “I don’t really like nobody taking advantage of me, especially for monetary reasons.” Lamar Odom continued, “Very deceitful. I used to really take [Parr’s] word for everything. She was like, really lying to me, but I guess she got what she wanted and that was the blue check.” Speaking of money and checks, Lamar’s networth is about $30 million.

    Lamar Odom & Karlie Redd, Unlikely Pair? Destined for Disaster?

    Noteably, Lamar Odom and Karlie Redd are notorious for moving fast in relationships. They have both been divorced in prior relationships and then engaged again.  Is this headed for disaster? Odom, who seems to want to move away from drama, sure runs toward it with his predilection for reality stars (Khloe Kardashian and now Karlie Redd). His most recent relationship with ‘Love & Hip Hop’s Redd, has people talking. Lamar Odom will be on the show, ‘Love & Hip Hop’, as Redd’s boyfriend. Do you think they are cute, will work out, or headed for heartbreak?

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