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    Lady London Is On The Rise, Following Sold Out SOB Show

    Young Voice but Refined Talent

    Lady London recently sold out her show at the legendary Sound of Brazil venue in New York City. The official website for SOB calls Lady London a “amazing lyricist”. Songs like “Lisa’s Story” reflect the young rapper’s almost old-school writing technique and ability.

    Her authentic rap delivery and unique baby girl voice are also appealing. As an up-and-coming young artist, London stays up to date on what her contemporaries are working on. She often makes response tracks which reference the original artists’ songs. One such song is “You’re Still Mine” which features singer MAKAELA and references BLEU’s original “You’re Mines Still”. On the track, London gives BLEU’s fictional female lover a voice.

    “Tell them b****** that get at you that you’re mine still!/Look, I don’t wanna go to sleep/I’m angry!”

    Lady London The “Boss Lady”

    London references fellow female rap artist, Erica Banks, on the track, “Buss It, Ski”. On the track, she shares her difference of opinion from other empowered women of today.

    “I don’t need a hundred likes from yo’ husband and from yo’ son/I need 100 flights in the summer!”

    The song “Money Over” is accompanied by one of her popular music videos. Her lyrical skill and feminine sound shine with lyrics like, “I see you double cross n***** like a Dusse bottle.”

    Hopefully, London will continue to grow as a lyricist, a vocalist, and a freestylist throughout her career. How do female M.C.’s impact the overall sound of rap and hip-hop culture in general?


    1. Really love her style in that first video, “Lisa’s Story!”
      Love your writing too, Shaina Kanter!

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