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    Lady Liberty Will Be A Black Woman On U.S. Coin

    It looks like the U.S. Mint has finally decided to place a black woman on U.S. currency after many years of hesitation. Representing “Lady Liberty” (who graces Ellis Island to this day), depicts the actual historical account of the “world famous” monuments true roots.

    The U.S. Mint celebrates its 225th anniversary of existence by minting this exclusive new addition to it’s lineup. The 24K gold coin is stated to be the first in a series of coins (also carrying images of Asian-American, Hispanic-American, and Indian-American women, says the U.S. Mint.

    And here’s the even better news: it’s a $100 USD coin!

    As dope and historical as this is, many years have passed where some Americans didn’t fully embrace this idea previously. Last year, the news of Harriet Tubman being placed on the $20 dollar bill made many non-minority groups upset. Hey, blacks aren’t complaining about Franklins, Jacksons and Grants! Money is money, and should be used for a few things, spending, stacking and investing.

    … And of course paying back your momma that loan she gave you last week for the car payment you missed.

    As CNN pin-points that, there are only two coins with women on them in circulation. Let’s just embrace the diversity being put in effect on currency, shall we all? But of course, in the land of Capitalism, people will always have an opinion.

    Set to drop April 6th 2017. Keep your eyes open for this release. The real question is how hard will it be to get your hands on one?

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