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    Lady Gaga Seeks Help From Elton John & Ariana Grande

    Tackling life’s hardest challenges can often feel like an impossible task. As Hollywood has shown, stardom doesn’t shield stars from life troubles, especially when it comes to managing our mental health. Several stars have been very vocal about their mental health disorders. Specifically, Lady Gaga revealed to fans that she suffers from depression and anxiety. Luckily, she has friends like Elton John and Ariana Grande to help her when she’s at her worst.

                            Lady Gaga Hates The Fame

    via NBC News

    Not only do everyday people face mental health struggles, but so do celebrities. People too often make the mistake that wealth and fame automatically equal happiness. Though, celebrities such as Lady Gaga have shown that fame doesn’t make their lives complete. In fact, it’s downright painful for them.

    Lady Gaga spoke about her mental health challenges in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning. She revealed her discomfort with meeting strangers out in public. Additionally, the star shared that she feels “objectified” when strangers start taking pictures of her without consent. The instance immediately sends her body into “full panic” mode and leaves her reeling in physical pain. In that case, the star should hire more bodyguards.

                          Elton John Checks In On Her


    Luckily, Lady Gaga has friends to help her great through her “bad days.” She even seeks counsel from the likes of singer Elton John. “He usually calls me when I’m down. And that usually means I don’t pick up the phone, ‘cause I isolate myself. And then I’ll get a message that they’re thinking of me,” star told CBS Sunday Morning. The “1000 Doves” singer seeks help from those closest to her, like legendary singer Elton John. It’s good to have a good, tight-knit group of friends to confide in.

           Ariana Grande’s Determination To Help Her Friend

    via Marie Claire

    Forging lasting friendships doesn’t come easy for celebrities. Female celebrities especially have a difficult time maintaining friendships. Lady Gaga revealed that making friendships with other famous women in the industry almost never happens. The star even compared the instance to watching “a pig fly.” Though, the singer got lucky and forged a deep friendship with popstar sensation Ariana Grande. However, it took a lot of convincing on Grande’s part before the A Star Is Born singer came around. “… And I was too ashamed to hang out with her, because I didn’t want to project all this negativity on something that was so healing and beautiful . . . She would try over and over again to be friends with me,” the singer told CBS Sunday Morning. The two popstars have been friends ever since collaborating on their track “Rain On Me.” Now they’re basically inseparable.

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