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    L.A. Lakers SG Patrick Beverly Crowned Dirtiest Player in the NBA

    Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Patrick Beverly finds himself involved in another altercation during the game against the Phoenix Suns. Beverly excessively pushed Suns center DeAndre Ayton in the back after it appeared Ayton was trying to stand over one of Beverly’s teammates. While some may argue he was being a good teammate, such behavior is unacceptable in basketball. According to Bleacher Report. Beverly has been suspended for three games, consequently.

    This suspension seems reasonable given the potential risks and the possibility of harm to multiple individuals, including the fans. However, this incident is not an isolated case. Beverly has a troubled history throughout his NBA career and has been involved in similar incidents before.

    In his illustrious career, there was a particular incident that stood out from years ago—Patrick Beverly’s forceful push on Chris Paul, the Suns’ point guard. It is evident that a palpable tension lingers between the Phoenix Suns and Beverly.

    The NBA has issued a statement regarding Beverlys suspension, where they condemn his actions. Duly considering his history of unsportsmanlike behavior.
    Los Angeles Lakers head coach Darvin Ham shared similar thoughts after the game, although he showed more understanding and tried to give Beverly the benefit of the doubt.

    “At the end of the day, I’m not angry at him. He’s just protecting his teammate,” said Lakers coach Darvin Ham. “I’m sure he’ll face consequences for his actions. But ultimately, as Lakers, we need to stand together.”

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