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    Kyrie Irving Decides to Take Action After Antisemitic Comments


    Recently, Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving tweeted a video promoting antisemitic views. Naturally, he received tremendous backlash for aligning with a problematic cause. The film he promoted on Twitter was called “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America”. This post gathered so much attention Nets owner Joe Tsai released a statement on behalf of the Nets that they don’t share the same sentiment.

    “I am against all types of hatred and oppression, and I stand in solidarity with marginalized communities who face daily struggles,” Irving stated. “I understand my post’s negative impact on the Jewish community, and I take full responsibility for it.” Not everything portrayed in the documentary is true or aligns with my values and beliefs.”

    As a result, fans came out supporting their faith and decided to sit courtside during the Nets game to troll and send a message to the world but, most importantly, Kyrie Irving. Since the tweet, he’s been asked by the media about his motives and what he meant by them. In response, Irving responded to what many consider poorly.

    How was the NBA affected by Kyrie Irving?

    Nonetheless, NBA commissioner Adam Silver wasn’t fond of Irving’s comments. Later, he released a statement on behalf of the NBA addressing Irving’s tweet’s hurtful and distasteful sentiment. While Irving has taken positive steps toward amending the people he’s offended by donating $500,000 to fight hate, Silver felt required to speak kindly to the masses.

    Kyrie Irving’s choice to share a link to a film with offensive antisemitic content was thoughtless and disappointing. Such actions have the potential to cause significant harm and perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

    We must emphasize the importance of understanding and respecting the diverse communities around us, promoting inclusivity, and actively working to combat discrimination and prejudice in all its forms.”

    Although we acknowledge his willingness to collaborate with the Brooklyn Nets and the Anti-Defamation League in addressing antisemitism and discrimination, I am disappointed that he has not sincerely apologized and directly condemned the abhorrent content featured in the film he promoted. I will meet with Kyrie next week to address this matter.”

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