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    Kyler Murray Is Like Every Other Misinformed Straight Man

    Hours after winning the Heisman Trophy, Kyler Murray got some receipts pulled on that ass for his homophobic tweets…

    The 21-year-old Oklahoma University quarterback received the Heisman, which recognizes college footballs’ top player. But during this time of athletic recognition, we also realized he’s another homophobic straight man.
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    Kyler Murray Is Like Every-2
    Kyler Murray Is Like Every-3
    Kyler Murray Is Like Every-4
    Specifically, the tweets that surfaced are from his teenage years. Murray used the word “queer” to insult others. And according to Deadline Hollywood, the messages were deleted on Sunday.

    Kyler Murray Is Like Every-5

    What do you all think? Should people be held accountable for tweets from the past? Or should we chalk it up to youthful ignorance?


    1. […] NBA players really need to watch their homophobic comments. Besides the fact that no one should say anything homophobic, the NBA has a history of punishing players who make bigoted comments. Also, it does not help anyone’s image to be labeled a homophobe. Wiggins made the right choice in clearing the air, but he also needs to check himself in the future. But this is not the first we’ve seen in the sports world. Kyler Murray was recently under fire for his homophobic tweets. […]

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