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    Kodak Black Fed Up With 21 Savage Sneak Disses

    A wise man once said true colors get revealed every day, and he didn’t tell one lie. You would naturally assume that the people you come up with normally have your best interest, but that’s not always the case. This has to be how superstar rapper Kodak Black feels about 21 Savage. What started off as friendly competition between two artists has now turned into an absolute nut holding competition.

    Overly Sensitive 

    If you know anything about the music industry, you are aware of how sensitive artists are about their music. If they’re truly talented, they most likely treat all their songs as if they were their children. So if you were to ever disrespect their music, to them it’s the equivalent of slapping their child. So I definitely understand why Kodak felt some type of way about 21 Savage’s comments. But now it feels like the Florida rapper has reached his breaking point about the situation.

    In a now-deleted IG rant, Kodak gave 21 Savage a piece of his mind for continuously being sneak dissed. Even though wisdom has never been a quality I knew Kodak for, he showed a different side of himself in his rebuttal. I hate to say but Kodak was making brilliant points. No other rapper could’ve gone to jail all those times and still come out on top as he did.

    Not only that, but Kodak was showing love to  21’s artists when he didn’t have to. I’m not talking about the big ones like Baby Drill or Young Nudy either. He showed love to the smaller ones like SG Tip and SG Kendall, and he did this out of the kindness of his heart. Look at how soon people forget what you have done for them when they don’t need you anymore.

    Be Careful of Who You Call a Friend

    Essentially, what I’m saying is you never truly know how your peers feel about you until you serve no use to them. Also, be careful who you call your homie. Hopefully, these two can stop going back and forth and just handle things with a Verzuz competition.

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