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    Kodak Boldly Tells Jada Pinkett That She “Deserves” Him

    A month has passed since the epic show-down between Will Smith and Chris Rock occurred at the Oscars. However, the comments are still rolling in. Everyone from Cardi B to James Corden has plenty to say about the epic smackdown.

    Unfortunately, Jada Pinkett Smith has found herself caught up in the gossip after footage of her cheating confession on the Red Table Talk resurfaced. Since the Oscars, the clip has made the rounds, and quite a few people have a lot to say about it. Even Kodak Black went as far to say that Jada Pinkett “deserves” him.

    The Rapper Believes Jada Pinkett Smith “Deserves” Him

    deserves him
    via TheRecentTimes

    Since stepping onto the rap scene, Kodak Black has proclaimed his love for several female rap stars and actresses. Though, he likes setting the bar high for himself. He’s already publicly crushed on Zendaya and even Lauren London, of all people. Now Yak has grown more bold with his proclamations of love after going after Jada Pinkett Smith. Clearly, the Oscars’ debacle has led some people to assume they actually have a chance at winning a date with the actress, including YAK.
    Over the weekend, YAK took to Twitter where he boldly told Pinkett-Smith that she “doesn’t deserve Will Smith” but should date him instead. Clearly, Kodak Black is in over his head.

    YAK’s Proclamation Turns Creepy

    deserves him
    via Rap-Up

    Unfortunately, Kodak Black didn’t stop at just crushing on Jada Pinkett Smith. As if that weren’t bad enough, the rapper went on to touch on Will Smith’s relationship with his daughter Willow. In so many words, the rapper suggested that the former Men In Black actor find himself “another daughter” to replace his wife with. If YAK’s not careful, he might receive a smack down from Will Smith, too.

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