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    Kodak Black’s New EP, Closure Is Now Streaming

    via Thirsty for News

    Kodak Black is one of the most sentimental rappers of his era. The Florida rapper is back with a hot new EP that is sure to stir some emotions. We all know that in spite of his troublesome personality, Kodak is a genuine soul who just wants love. Ain’t nothing wrong with that! On Closure,Kodak Black explains a lot for his situation as he is always in continuous legal battles. Jackboy, a former friend of Yak is now an enemy and we think the EP is relating some of those tarnished feelings. According to HITC, Kodak and Jackboy are continuing to grow apart. This is unfortunate as the two have a long history with one another. Kodak does not shy away from expressing his true feelings over wax, and HypeFresh is here for it.

    Kodak Keeps It Candid

    Lil’ Kodak is no stranger to keeping things candid. On this dope new EP, the artist is in touch with his sensitive side. He spills his feelings over raw, melodic beats. Kodak’s engineer is always on point, it is as if the beats are solely assigned to how he’s feeling. Dak knows exactly how to connect with his fans, by telling the real. “It’s been a while, and the way your name appears still brings back hurt. “When you chilling, that’s when they play with you the most, but they don’t know that you really 10 times worse. Keep your ni****s out they feelings when they’re jokes. You can’t have your n***** in prison feeling hurt. Is he referring to Jackboy?

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