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    Kodak Black Wants A Shot At Being The Next President In 2024

    The state of the country has been on rocky ground for the last few years. Since 2016 and onward, we’ve suffered at the hands of Donald Trump as president, the novel pandemic and racial strife. Unfortunately, American politics has become nothing more than a reality tv show gone wrong. Now with election time nearing again, everyone is talking about the 2024 presidential election. 

    Obviously, Ye has continued to express interest in running for the presidency. The rapper discussed his desire to do so again during his controversial interview with Drink Champs.  Though, he might have some competition along the way. Apparently, Kodak Black wants to run for president in the 2024 elections. 

    He Rather Be The Next President Than Ye

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    There’s no doubt that Ye’s recent interview with Drink Champs has upset a lot of people. Furthermore, the rapper made the assertion that if he were to run for the 2024 presidency, he’d have the full support of power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. That’s a pretty strong claim. 

    While Ye’s most recent claims have everyone up in arms, Florida rapper Kodak Black especially had plenty to say. Moreover, the “ZEZE” emcee hopped on an Instagram Live this week to basically say he’s not a fan of Ye running for president again. “You is not finna be no damn president, boy. Like, chill with that s**t. Don’t even be talking about JAY-Z and Beyoncé ’bout to back you up in your campaign 2024,” he said during the live.

     Black even threatened to move out of the country to Israel or Haiti if Ye won the 2024 election. Additionally, he believed Ye might set off a nuclear bomb on purpose and start another war. This somehow led him to the conclusion that he should run for the 2024 presidency. That would be a sight to see for sure. 

    Kodak Black Supports “Uncle Donald Trump”

    via WPDE

    Even though Kodak Black would take a stab at running for president, he’d rather have “Uncle Donald Trump” back in office. Moreover, his continued backing for Trump stems from the former president pardoning him in January 2021. 

    At the time, Black faced a minimal sentencing of 46 months after being convicted of a federal weapons charge in 2019. Apparently, Black has been a fan of Trump since he relieved him of his criminal charges. Not sure what that would say about Black as a president, if he did decide to run for office. . 


    What do you think? Would you vote for Kodak Black as president in the 2024 election?


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