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    Kodak Black Released From Jail On $75K Bond

    police arrested Kodak BlackWhen was Kodak Black released? He walked on a bond of $75k after an arrest last Friday in Florida on drug charges, according to BET. The charges involve having a controlled substance without a prescription. After pulling the “Skrt” artist over, the cops would serve the Dodge Durango SUV after smelling marijuana. Cops would then find 31 pills and $74,960. Is Kodak the example authorities need to to continuously persecute Black men? Or is Kodak a victim of his own self destruction? Being a superstar ain’t easy, but how easy is it to just not get in trouble? Maybe it is easier said than done when facing issues that most of us have no idea of what the pressure is like.

    Is Kodak Just Another Example?

    Thousands of Black men are undergoing incarceration, much more than White men and other races. Statistics prove that there is a disparity among Black and whites among prisons in the United States. According to U.S News, Black Americans are five times more incarcerated than white Americans. Needless to say, it seems as if the system is set up for the taking of the African American man and woman.

    It is imperative that we educate our Black men who are not conscious of the wiles of the powers that be. If Black men are always under the scope, it’s better to just steer left of illegal activity, specifically if you’re rich already! It is important understand mental health as a Black man in America and not be ashamed of therapy. There is a system Black men are up against, so we must be vigilant about not creating unnecessary consequences. Although this is a sensitive issue, it is an issue we must cover because it is healing to the Black community.

    Kodak Black’s release is great news. He is young and gifted— HypeFresh wants to see him free. Stay true to yourself, brothers. However, do that by being smart.

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